10 Website Designs that Will Scare You Straight to an Experienced Chicago Web Designer

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Website design can oftentimes be a fairly subjective thing. What works for one person may not work for another person, but it is pretty much a given that web sites should have a cohesive style, formatting and navigation scheme. However, sometimes unskilled web designers or individuals will  create a website design that truly defies logic and overwhelms the visitor with clashing colors, fonts, poor navigation and a general sense of confusion.

The Worst Website Designs of 2011

We’ve probably all run across a website or two that just made you scratch your head and wonder how anyone could consider the website design worthy of showing to the public at large. WebPagesThatSuck went a step further and rounded up a funny and truly terrifying list of  the “Worst Over-The-Top Websites of 2011” that will make you question why you haven’t sought out a qualified Chicago web design firm to help you avoid being on the list next year. Website design doesn’t have to be a seriously painstaking endeavor, but it should be approached with thoughtfulness and care so that it doesn’t become just another notch on the list of the worst websites on the internet.