December is when every business owner out there is busy getting the biggest pie from the holiday cake. So it’s very rare that you see any buzz in SEO forums. But this time, we witnessed something different. Many people were online, sharing their experiences. Just like an unexpected tornado caught them off guard, and took away everything they had. Well maybe it became way too more dramatic, but we would like to inform you that Google has made changes to their core ranking algorithms. And as a result, may websites witnessed a drop in traffic as massive as 35%!

Moz reported high volatility in search results through Mozcast as can be seen below.

A non seasonal site owner, who hardly witnesses any fluctuations witnessed a drop of 30%! However, they were not alone and this was not due to any glitch. Many other users started sharing their trauma on webmaster forums. After a thorough research, we found out that Google did make changes to their core ranking algorithms and later on they confirmed the same. The statement Google sent was “we released several minor improvements during this timeframe, part of our regular and routine efforts to improve relevancy.”

We decided to do some number crunching ourselves. Our dataset of 4000+ websites and 350,000+ keywords (local and national) makes it easy for us to get a birds-eye view of how our client campaigns are performing.

Not surprisingly, we were happy to find that this update didn’t have any negative impact on our client campaigns. Most probably, the SEO deliverables which we offer saved our clients from this update. This is another example of how our strategies future-proof your business.

So if your organic leads were affected, especially around December 13th or 14th, open Google Analytics and check whether your site was hit by MACCABEES or not. If you were hit by this update OR want to make sure you’re not going to be a likely victim, we can help. Just connect with us and let our professional SEOs to do the work for you.

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December is considered a pretty slow month from the SEO point of view. But This December was different. There was a lot of buzz in the SEO forums because Google dropped a big algorithm change without warning (as it always does). Many SEO experts are calling it the Maccabees update which targeted keyword permutations as well as hit some celebrity websites.

Google also rolled out a PBN penalty and maybe a feature snippet / knowledge graph update.

But not every update from Google was shocking. Since 2013, Google promised to add a year plus of data to search console from quite some time, which they actually delivered. Here’s a screenshot of how the new Google Search Console will look.

They also published a voice search quality raters guidelines [PDF], advice on the mobile first index and also update their SEO Starter Guide.

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Google provided us with the ability to make our meta descriptions longer by extending their snippets and also released a new rich results testing tool, which will be of great help.

So, all in all, we can say that it was pretty busy December for Google just like the rest of us.

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Recently Google published their quality guidelines mainly for Google Assistant and Voice Search Results. As per the guidelines; better the quality of the voice search apter will be the responses generated.

Here’s what Google wrote —

“In the past we have received requests to see our evaluation guidelines from academics who are researching improvements in voice interactions, question answering and voice-guided exploration. To facilitate their evaluations, we are publishing some of the first Google Assistant guidelines. It is our hope that making these guidelines public will help the research community build and evaluate their own systems.”

Google will be evaluating these dimensions for rating voice search responses.

  • Information Satisfaction: The content should not be irrelevant. It has to be similar to the requirements specified by the user.
  • Length: As far as the length is in question, the information should not be very little or too much. Unlike a web search, the users cannot scan the results and identify its usefulness, which is why it has to be sufficient enough to fulfill the user’s query.
  • Formulation: This simply means that the source (e.g. website), language, and of course the content produced should be grammatically sound and easy to understand by the user.
  • Elocution: Resources such as WaveNet and Tacotron 2 are rapidly simplifying the text-to-speech generation process thereby minimizing the need for human performance.

The full and short PDF is available as a download over here.

It seems like Google is testing a new feature, as some users have witnessed an image from the landing page, right next to the description area of the text ad.

Google spokesperson gave a generic statement regarding this — “We’re always testing new ways to improve our experience for our advertisers and users, but don’t have anything specific to announce right now.”

So they neither denied nor accepted it. Google has tested many imaged ad formats over the years, and none made it to the mainstream. But we are seeing a lot of images right next to the text ads lately, so this time, they might fully role out this feature.

Last years Google launched large format mobile ads exclusively for automotive makers. It allowed the automotive company to entice the customers by showing the carousel of images of car models. Because the looks of cars play an important role, this update was considered useful for the car makers. Google might launch similar ad formats for other industries too, in near future.

We will keep you posted.

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Facebook constantly keeps updating its news feed algorithm to improve user experience and to serve them with relevant and engaging content. Marketers should be always aware about these new updates, as they can sometimes cause problems to them.

Recently, Facebook released three updates that can reduce marketers organic reach. The updates are about the type of content Facebook prefers to serve its users. Businesses who want to make the most of their Facebook presence, need to pay attention to these updates.

It gives preference to videos that has intent or repeat viewership

Videos are one of the most popular mode of marketing on Facebook. But as per Facebook’s last news feed algorithm update, it will give preference to the videos which people are searching for or returning to Facebook to watch.

The preference depends on two factors:

  • Intent: When people search for your video content or visit your Facebook page to watch videos, Facebook will give such videos higher preference in news feed.
  • Repeat Viewership: When viewers watch videos from the same publisher frequently, the videos uploaded by the publisher get more preference in the news feed.

It devalues engagement bait content

According to the latest news feed update, posts like “Share with a friend…” or “Like this if…” will be devalued and few people will only be able to view such posts.

Facebook has decided not to promote such spammy tactics to attract engagement, it has created a machine learning model to detect distinct types of engagement bait and it will take action against people or pages who upload such posts.

Here are few examples of engagement bait:

  • Tag Baiting: Asking people to tag their friends.
  • Comment Baiting: Asking people to comment with specific answers.
  • Vote Baiting: Asking people to vote using reactions, comments, sharing, or other means of representing a vote.
  • React Baiting: Asking people to react to the post (includes like, love, haha, wow, sad, and angry).
  • Share Baiting: Asking people to share the post with their friends.

It devalues links to low-quality websites

With increasing spam and junk on the internet, Facebook will ensure that users don’t have to encounter such things by devaluing links that provide poor web experience.

Facebook has reviewed thousands of different pages linked to Facebook and has prepared a list of common characteristics that shows the web page has low-value.

Tips to ensure this update doesn’t affect the organic search of your website:

  • Keep your landing page free from disruptive, malicious or shocking ads.
  • Maintain your web page’s loading speed, websites with slow loading speed might get affected.
  • Ensure your website’s landing pages where you want to send traffic, have substantive content.
  • You need to keep an eye on your bounce rate and pages per session metrics.

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Social Media PlatformsSocial Media is an essential part of any modern business, and is general a daily part of life. Whether it’s direct marketing, human resources, or interacting with your consumers, having a visible, professional, and appealing social media profile across several platforms is absolutely essential in the modern market.

Avoiding the following mistakes can help you really make the most of your online social media presence, and attain the most benefits for your business.

1.     Failing to Interact

The first thing to remember about social media compared to other platforms is that this is a two way street of communication. While you didn’t need to respond to customers when you held ads or made announcements on TV, radio, or billboard, you need to respond to comments and questions in order to seem trustworthy, reliable, and as if you really care about the client. The last thing you want your client to feel is ignored; you can use social media to help them feel valued.

2.     Posting Poor Quality Content

There is no questioning the fact that having high quality written copy is absolutely essential in marketing your business, and this is as true on social media as it is on any other platform. If your spelling and grammar is sloppy on social media, which is where you are likely to receive the most views and reach the widest audience, then your business will also look sloppy and incompetent. If you can’t properly post something on social media, then why should a consumer trust you with their custom?

Writing a social media postThere are many ways to ensure perfect content, and one of the most efficient is to hire qualified editors or a company that can get this done for you. More automated services are also available if your priority is to find someone fast and efficiently, such as Big Assignments, where you can select the service you want, and it will then be assigned to a professional. There are also services such as blog and social media content writing services offered by eBizUniverse that help with this. Any of these resources can ensure flawless content for social media marketing.

3.     Over-Hashtagging

While hashtags definitely have a time and place, and can be a huge benefit, using too many looks a little desperate, and also a lot like spam. Pick a couple of relevant hashtags and stick with them.

4.     Not Making the Most of Online Tools

There are some great online editing tools that can help make your marketing content stand out from the crowd. First, you should make sure that the writing is as strong as possible. For a non-professional, it can be hard to pick out exactly what isn’t right with a piece of text, however smart tools such as the Hemingway App can pick up common flaws and offer suggestions on how to improve. Plus, as writing posted online is most effective when it is over 300 words, you can easily monitor this with Easy Word Count.

Before you even start writing, you may want to review some basic guides or even videos explaining what makes strong copy, and plenty of these are available with Academized, and if there is still something you’re unsure of, there’s a great community of writers ready to offer support at Paper Fellows. One of the most important factors in any piece of writing is the title, which needs to be catchy and appealing to stand out online, and it’s easy to get ideas and make sure you’re title will attract traffic with Headline Analyzer.

5.     Posting Sporadically

Posting once in a blue moon will not help to drive traffic and build a following; however posting all day everyday will also be unappealing to your audience. Watch traffic patterns and post regularly, at the times you’re most likely to receive a response, but not so much that you are overloading your followers. A couple of times a day is normally ideal.

6.     Duplicating Content

It’s bad for SEO, and it’s bad for your reputation if you re-use content without giving the proper credit. Be original, or be honest about your sources.

7.     Ignoring Anything Negative

While it would be nice to ignore, or even refute any complaints, you will gain the best public perception by providing a polite response to negative comments, and promising to look into and rectify any issues.

8.     Using Too Many Social Media Platforms

While it might be tempting to share your content across every single form of social media, it is largely unnecessary, and too hard to manage. Instead, focus your energy on cultivating a well-rounded profile on the main sites your audience uses, often this means Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

9.     Posting Inconsistent Content

All of your social media posts should have a strategy of some sort – they should be connected and all revolve around a common goal. To achieve this goal, you really need to have a plan regarding your content – not just post randomly in an effort to stay updated.

There are so many advantages to using social media, and avoiding these common mistakes can help your business unlock the most benefits possible.

If you would like help with social media marketing, please send us a message today so we can get you on the right path:

The web traffic you generate is crucial for sustaining your online business. Interactive content can completely change a website and make it more likely for visitors to stay, view other links, or make a purchase. As we approach the new year, these new trends will be more important than ever to make your website competitive and interesting.

Interactive Content: What is it?

Interactive contentIt is published material that requires some sort of action from the viewer. Once they contribute to the page, readers will be rewarded with the additional information or a similar change. This content takes many forms, including assessments, calculators, trivia questions, polls and surveys, and tournament brackets.

These interactions are building blocks for web experiences. They can be used alone or layered into other types of content to create a more interactive method of presentation. Interactive content is successful because it works alongside the natural tendencies of human brains.

Why Interactive Content Works

Child looking at interactive contentConversation is a huge part of the human experience. At its core, interactive content is simply a way to host a conversation. People are more likely to enjoy something they can contribute to, instead of the page where they simply read information.

This content also focuses on personalization. People love to have custom experiences. Sharing opinions and results, competing against one another, and comparing answers are all ways make a page feel more targeted and relevant.

As attention spans dwindle and internet viewers become more demanding, it’s more important than ever to be able to captivate your audience. If you want to say ahead of the curve in 2017, you need interactive content.

If you want your business to be competitive, you have to say ahead of the curve. As we approach 2017, there are some trends on the horizon that will determine how effective your website is, and how high you can show up on those inclusive Google search ratings. Video and mobile optimization are two of the biggest terms websites need to be on the lookout for with the new year if they want to be successful.

How Video Optimization is Changing

Live mobile optimizationResearchers expect for mobile live video usage to increase tenfold by 2020. This is largely due to the fact that platforms such as Facebook allow companies, businesses, and individual people to live stream their own broadcasts. It is easier than ever for the average person to host live video. This, of course, is in addition to the ever increasing popularity of video entertainment and news options.

One reason why video is so effective is because it catches the attention of the viewers. Studies show the average human attention span is just above eight seconds. Video content is able to engage viewers more effectively, thereby reducing bounce rates. Every company needs to be ready to embrace the flexibility of video.

Mobile Optimization

Responsive web optimizationFor the first time in history, people are using their mobile devices to access the Internet more than traditional laptop or desktop computers. Companies need to be mobile-friendly in order to reach most of the internet traffic. Scaleable browsers and quick loading content are crucial to appeal to smartphone users.

Planning ahead can ensure your business’ success in the coming year. When you’re making your plans, don’t forget about video and mobile optimization.

Cinemagraphs are relatively new to some business owners, yet they have already proven their worth for many companies. Cinemagraphs have been quite successful in various marketing campaigns in recent years. If you’ve never used cinemagraphs before, allow these success stories to help you consider making them part of your marketing.

What is a Cinemagraph?

Cinemagraphs are still photographs in which a minor and repeated movement occurs, forming a video clip. They are published as an animated GIF or in other video formats, and can give the illusion that the viewer is watching an animation.  There are several successful cinemagraphs in use now for marketing purposes that catch people’s eye.

Successful Cinemagraph Projects:

House of Cards Email Campaign

House of Cards successful cinemagraphRecently, Netflix and Flixel mounted a cinemagraph email campaign to promote the Netflix show House of Cards. The campaign shows the two lead actors riding in a limo, with the only motion happening outside the window. However, the cinemagraph shows the tension these actors are famous for on the show. The companies produced the campaign to make people want to “binge-watch new episodes.”

The House of Cards email campaign and campaigns like it are also successful because they use small files. It’s easier to open a cinemagraph in an email than an internet browser, because it loads faster. This gives you more time to enjoy the cinemagraph; you can play it several times, if you like. The more times someone plays it and the longer it stays in someone’s email, the longer people will remember it making it one of many successful cinemagraphs.

Social Media Cinemagraphs

Bates Motel successful cinemagraphsThese days, everyone has at least one social media account. Cinemagraphs have taken social media by storm, especially Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The cinemagraphs are fun and easy to share, broadening their audience. One such cinemagraph shows Freddie Highmore as Norman Bates in A&E’s Bates Motel series. The entire cinemagraph is gray and black, and the only motion is a slowly moving rocking chair. It expertly communicates the show’s genre and hooks horror fans into watching it.

However, a social media cinemagraph doesn’t have to be scary or promote a TV show to be successful. People use them to promote hobbies, interests, and small businesses.

For instance, a cinemagraph showing Beauty and the Beast’s Belle using a library ladder, wearing a beautiful smile, communicates, “I love books.” It could also communicate, “This is how I feel in a bookstore,” or “This is how you will feel if you visit our bookshop.”

Travel Cinemagraphs

These days, more people want to see the world, and cinemagraphs are making that possible, if only for a few seconds. Siemens, an Austrian marketing company, converted video shot in Vienna’s subway system into cinemagraphs. The cinemagraphs use tiny animations like a blink or a wisp of hair falling into someone’s face to communicate that travel equals movement.

Additionally, the cinemagraphs subtly communicate Vienna’s subway as an ideal way to get around the city. The overarching message is that Vienna itself is a great place to travel and a great place to start seeing the world.  This adds to he awe, making it part of the successful cinemagraphs family.

To get started with your cinemagraph, call us at 847.220.9541 or contact us online.

In the modern age of the internet, digital marketing plays an essential part in successfully running a business. There are a variety of strategies that your business can implement to improve the company’s digital marketing campaign. A successful digital marketing campaign will also reach more customers and therefore make more money for your business.

Examples of Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Business

Digital marketingThere are a wide variety of digital marketing strategies that you can use to increase your company’s customer reach.  For example, you can use blogs like this one to market your business and generate clients. Positive customer reviews are also a great way to accomplish this. If satisfied customers have a place to talk about their experience, it’s more likely that you will reach more potential new customers.

Customer reviews also generate publicity for your business.  Social media is another effective digital marketing strategy that you can use to benefit your business.  A comprehensive social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram etc. increases the possibility that you will gain new customers.

An Effective Website

eBizUniverse homepageAn effective website is another key element that’s necessary in order to successfully promote your business. A website not only makes potential customers aware of your business, but the website also gives you a place to put all those digital marketing strategies like blogs and social media contacts.  Landing pages are a popular way to promote your services in nearby cities and enhances your SEO with Google.

Customer Service

Customer service is an important aspect of any successful business. Without customers you’ll have no business so it’s important to keep them happy. Even though customer service is becoming increasingly virtual it is still a significant element of your business. You can use e-mail marketing to increase your customer base as long as you also hire a professional to handle customer service issues.

Social media is a great (and mostly free) way to gain new customers for your business. Using social media seems deceptively simple, but in order to use it to generate new clients for business you must do so effectively.  You’ll need to become familiar with the various platforms and how they can be utilized for your company.

Social Media Platforms


Facebook social mediaFacebook is one of the most media platforms. You can advertise your business and post information, photos and video. But content you share on Facebook is only visible to or shared with people who are your “friends” on the site.

It’s important to keep all of your platforms updated and current. It’s a good idea to update your social media platforms on a weekly or even a daily basis. You may need to hire a social media professional if you don’t have the time to do this yourself.


Twitter social mediaTwitter is another useful social platform. But on Twitter, you have “followers” instead of friends. And you can only share content, in the form of information photos and videos with other users who follow you. Information is shared in the form of tweets.

Each tweet can be no more than 140 characters in length.


LinkedIn social mediaLinkedIn is similar to Facebook but it is mostly used by businesses and working professionals. You can promote your business on LinkedIn using lead generation, join groups who share similar interests, and connect with people to expand your reach.

Connecting with Customers and Clients

You can use social media to connect with current clients and recruit new ones.  Encourage clients to “Like” “Follow” or “Connect With” your business depending upon which platform you choose.  When used effectively, social media is a great way for customers to share their experiences with other users and therefore potentially generate new clients for your business. Happy customers are chatty.

SEO tactics often build a heavy focus on building back links during the optimization of content.

Link buildingEffective link building has the potential to increase your online presence and your reach to the designed audience. The success of a link building campaign is determined not only on the basis of acquisition of high quality back links from authority sites, but it also depends upon how fast the links are indexed.

There really is no benefit to creating back links that are not indexed by search engines like Google. If your link is not indexed it means that Google did not consider it of enough value or high quality, and your link building efforts will have no impact in improving your search engine ranking.

Many webmasters and SEO specialists consider working on having your back links finally indexed to be a daunting process. However, at the base level the process is quite simple and is directed by even simpler rules. If you follow the 6 guidelines given below, you are certain to have an edge in getting your back links indexed.

  1. Quality Matters

In case your forums or social media profile fails to get indexed, don’t blame the search engine since they automatically weed out low quality or irrelevant back links. Instead, reanalyze the links and work on improving your existing content to increase their worth so that the search engine might take notice.

  1. Generate Unique Content

It is critical for your content to be of high standards as well as unique, so that it may stand out from the rest of the competition. Your content should address themes that are new to your niche or haven’t been covered yet. If the content is completely unique, it will stand a better chance at getting indexed. Meanwhile, links associated with low quality content will be most definitely rejected. So, invest your money and efforts in creating content which will be easily accepted by Google. Also, your back links will prove more effective against the competition if your links stem from unique content.

  1. Check if a Webpage is “noindex”

"noindex"Certain websites have the “noindex” tag on their recently created pages, and under these circumstances there is very little that you can do. Pages with noindex meta tag in their HTML code do not appear on Google searches. When the Google bot analyzes such pages it does not register them on the search results, even if they host back links.

To avoid creating links on such webpages, access “Inspect Element” option on Chrome and see if there is noindex tag in the head section of the code.

  1. Your Back Links Are Hosted On Spammy Webpages

Back links are indexed as per their quality; so don’t expect any help from platforms which lack a human verified editorial process. There are certain webpages that allow these links to be approved instantaneously and raise the hopes of beginners who are more quantity-focused. However, such efforts can prove to be a waste of time, since Google marks such pages as spam and will eventually eliminate those links from their searches.

Rushing things will not help, and more than often results in otherwise guaranteed opportunity for indexing being wasted. If your content is of high quality and unique in its area, then Google will definitely index it sooner or later.

  1. Web 2.0 to the Rescue

Using Web 2.0 is a very effective method to secure indexation for your back links. The following is a step-by-step guide to the entire process:

  • Create new Web 2.0 with whatever title you have in mind.
  • Next, create a blog post.
  • Add a maximum of 10 back link URLs. Remember to utilize naked link anchor text.
  • After every 10 links, create a new post. This is to ensure that the effectiveness of the method is not compromised.
  • Write a concise overview comprising a few sentences and publish it.
  • After one or two days, the post will be published and indexed. The post will be crawled by Google bot for the links.
  • Once you have confirmed that the links were indexed, eliminate the links from Web 2.0 to remove traces.
  • For best results, use a Web 2.0 with greater age as it boasts a greater indexation rate.
  1. Incorporate Social Media Signs in Your Play

Facebook back linksSocial media is a powerful platform and can prove to be a valuable asset in securing indexing. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook can be great channels to share your content on. Google algorithm also calculates social media signals such as content popularity and shares to validate indexing. So, do not overlook the social media aspect when implementing the rest of the tactics.

Keep Tabs on Your Progress

When leading an SEO campaign, always keep tabs on your moves so that you are aware of every step and its impact. Moreover, a keen insight into the working of campaign can also help you to learn from both your triumphs and mistakes. Use a reliable tool to monitor your indexation rate and analyze the data to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Adapt and evolve according to circumstances; hence implement your strategy accordingly.

Reputation Management

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” – Warren Buffett

Your online brand reputation plays a major role in your business success as well as customer satisfaction. As per the 2014 Edelman Trust Barometer, about 65% of online users depend on web search to get information related to firms as well as people.

Social media iconsOne of the more significant tools which assist businesses in this purpose is social media.  It is currently the best tool for businesses. About 92% of the marketers were surveyed for the 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report and they felt social media is a vital tool for business.

Furthermore, 90% stated that social media helps to increase their exposure while 69% praised it for being able to develop loyal fans. So, if you have not started social media marketing, you must start to brand yourself using social media.

Steps to Brand

The following are the major steps involved in branding your firm and its products through social media:

  • Selecting a Social Media Platform

No doubt, there are various social media platforms available to pick from in order to start the branding journey. But you have to carefully select the correct one which helps in preventing yourself from spreading too thin. The following infographic can give a clear picture on how much significant social media is…

Social media 101

If you are going for multiple platforms in a single instance, it will then create a negative impact on your brand as reaching to the potential audience will be difficult. In order to assist you to decide on the platform, take a quick look at the top three effective platforms:

  • Facebook: In terms of name, recognition and number of users, Facebook is considered to be the largest social network. Using this platform, you can gain access to more than 1.55 billion users and even to wide range of tools which in turn can boost your business. Now if you are new to branding, then social media is the perfect place to start. So, not only you can share videos, updates and photos without caring about the limitations, but Facebook will also advertise your business on a well-designed platform.
  • Twitter: Irrespective of having 140-character limitation, there is no doubt that Twitter is considered one of the most popular platforms for posting videos, polls, updates, images and more. Twitter can be used for interacting with various users and currently has more than 320 million users (active) worldwide. As a result, it is the perfect choice for handling customer services as well as marketing brands.
  • Pinterest: Some people might have thought that LinkedIn would be found on this list; however, Pinterest has overtaken it in terms of popularity and has risen to the top.  This platform provides digital bulletin boards which you can use for organizing the collection of pictures that features your work space, offers, and the individuals who are behind the firm. But Pinterest is more of a niche network as the majority of users are women and the popular categories are fashion, exercise and beauty.


  • Keeping a Consistent Image

Branding is all about images. From your brand name to logo and to the profile picture, everything has to be instantly recognizable. A unique identity needs to be created through the design. For example, you can use style and color patterns of your logo so that you can establish your brand and even design the pages. Furthermore, you can get more inspiration by checking out what leaders of the industry are doing and taking a page from their books.

  • Design Shareable And Valuable Content

Valuable contentOften various businesses make the mistake of creating content which only they want to read. Oftentimes they will simply meet the deadlines which are marked on their publishing calendar without paying attention to what the viewer wants to read. Now what you need to be focusing on is on how to create best and useful content which attract the attention of readers and the want to have them share the content.

As an added benefit you can research what factors engages the audiences. This can be achieved by asking the members directly or by checking out what competitors are doing. But avoid plagiarizing and sharing blindly, as such moves will certainly affect your branding efforts.

Instead you can read these expert tips:

  1. You need to ensure that the content which you are going to share supports the brand image of your business. One major factor that you must add to your post is humor. But you have to make sure that it goes well with the audience.
  2. Keep in mind that the content and tone of your post is relevant to the brand. Simply posting a blog just because the topic is trending or you have a personal interest in it is not feasible. All content that you post must be relevant to the website. Any post which discusses about irrelevant topics will be met with criticism, irrespective of how well it has been written.
  3. Check out which content is getting more visibility on your social network. You have to use analytics to see which articles your audiences are reading and which ones they are not.
  4. Never be shy from using visual content. You will be surprised to know that images can provide 94% more views when compared to written content.


One of the best ways to generate a fan base and create audience is by socializing your content. The first step is to get in touch with social influencers present in your field since they have already established their brand.

Once that is done, you can put their names in the post. This can inspire them to connect and contact you. Ultimately they might share the content you have posted with their followers. You can take part in the discussions in order to show off your expert knowledge even as you are creating a bridge among the audience and you

Wrap Up

Go ahead and follow these tips. And if you just ignore the social media marketing strategies, then your brand value will disappear in no time. Get busy and try to popularize your brand name.

What can be accomplished in just 10 minutes each day on LinkedIn?

Quite a bit!

In this article, I will discuss how you can become a LinkedIn Rock Star by investing just 10 minutes everyday. I have broken this into 10 ACTIONABLE STEPS that you can do everyday to get the maximum out of your LinkedIn Profile:



LinkedIn Notifications

LinkedIn notifications

Check on any new notifications (on the top right hand corner) you have received, especially direct messages.  The others are mostly just notifications of new posts, etc. which are not going to be your highest priority when you are short on time. The direct messages however, will be important as they are messages sent directly to you from your connections that could potentially lead to a sale.  Be sure to check these first.

Connection Requests

LnkedIn connection requests

Take a peek at your new connection requests.  Are the names or companies familiar to you? Accept those you know and wish to connect with.  Has someone sent you a personalized request that may be worth reading? Accept the ones you’re comfortable with. You can discard all others. I usually accept 99% of my connection requests.

Make New Connections

Growing your LinkedIn network should be a priority. After all, we live in a connected world.

Search through the recommendations offered by LinkedIn to connect with. If you recognize anyone as a previous client, colleague, childhood friend, or otherwise, it may be a good idea to send a personalized connection request. Don’t just click on connect and send the standard LinkedIn message – no one likes that, customize the message.

Birthday and Anniversary Notifications

LinkedIn anniversary

LinkedIn will notify you if any of your connections has a birthday, work anniversary or a new job. You can like that status or add a personal comment. I usually skip the birthday notifications unless the individual is a friend or colleague. Always look for work anniversaries and send a personalized message to congratulate them and reconnect. You never know if it might lead you to a new sales opportunity.

Scan your News Feed

LinkedIn news feed

Scan your news feed to find any articles you’d be interested in reading later. If there is an article or update that your connections might find useful then share that with the network. We find that following interesting or useful companies on LinkedIn and scanning their updates is a great source of content to curate and share across the other social channels (especially Twitter).

Participate in LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups

Search for, join, and engage in a few groups you were interested in to become more well-known to the people in your field or interests. The more you contribute, the more your name will show up.  Again, networking is important. You will be perceived as an authority in the group the more you engage in thoughtful discussions.

Make Profile Updates (Once a Month)

LinkedIn profile updates

Know the top five strengths for which you want to be recognized and use them in your profile – repeatedly. If your top skill is project management, describe your project management proficiency in your summary as well as in multiple experience descriptions. This will help the right audience find you.

Request Recommendations

Ask your contacts to recommend you for only your top skills. Having the highest number of recommendations for your signature strengths will influence those who are looking at your profile. Have the courage to delete or reject the recommendations that aren’t central to how you want to be known. Do this once a week.

Give and You Shall Receive!

Give and Receive

Give recommendations and endorsements to those whom you genuinely admire. When you recommend other people, their reputation is seen an extension of your values.  You should receive the courtesy of connections providing recommendations and endorsements for you as well.

Show Gratitude

Thank you

Did anyone comment or like your article or updates? Don’t forget to show gratitude – thank them publicly by commenting back. Did anyone give you a recommendation? Write them a thank you direct message.


Anyone can use LinkedIn to their advantage if they are willing to spare about 10 minutes of their time every day and follow the steps above. It will expose your profile to a wide audience and will establish you as an authoritative voice in your niche which will ultimately lead to more leads and sales for your business.

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