Knowing Good Web Design from Great Web Design

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The web design of a website can be a solid foundation to creating a successful web presence and overall profitability. But how does that happen? Well, with a great web design, but oftentimes companies choose to go with a good or passable website design that may benefit the company a little even if it doesn’t provide a truly successful impact. Knowing the difference between the two and choosing to formulate a web design accordingly is one of the founding principles of true web success and every company should keep this in mind if they have a mind to create a website that helps their company great ahead in their business industry.

What Makes a Great Website Design Different than a Good Web Design?

Recently the New York Times published an article about one such website that has taken a good website design and turned it into a great web design in the article “The Difference Between a Good Web Site and a Great Web Site.” Take a look at what this website has chosen to do to make it a successful endeavor that continues the business’ reputation of excellence and true customer care throughout their web design.

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December is when every business owner out there is busy getting the biggest pie from the holiday cake. So it’s very rare that you see any buzz in SEO forums. But this time, we witnessed something different.

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