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by Matt Knopoff

The web traffic you generate is crucial for sustaining your online business. Interactive content can completely change a website and make it more likely for visitors to stay, view other links, or make a purchase. As we approach the new year, these new trends will be more important than ever to make your website competitive and interesting.

Interactive Content: What is it?

It is published material that requires some sort of action from the viewer. Once they contribute to the page, readers will be rewarded with the additional information or a similar change. This content takes many forms, including assessments, calculators, trivia questions, polls and surveys, and tournament brackets.

These interactions are building blocks for web experiences. They can be used alone or layered into other types of content to create a more interactive method of presentation. Interactive content is successful because it works alongside the natural tendencies of human brains.

Why Interactive Content Works

Conversation is a huge part of the human experience. At its core, interactive content is simply a way to host a conversation. People are more likely to enjoy something they can contribute to, instead of the page where they simply read information.

This content also focuses on personalization. People love to have custom experiences. Sharing opinions and results, competing against one another, and comparing answers are all ways make a page feel more targeted and relevant.

As attention spans dwindle and internet viewers become more demanding, it’s more important than ever to be able to captivate your audience. If you want to say ahead of the curve in 2017, you need interactive content.

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  • Definitely. I agree, making interactive content encourages readers to interact and give their opinions. I wonder, how do you make interactive content? any tips? 🙂

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Interactive Content May Take Over Static Content in 2017