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Is your website loading slowly? Tired of losing customers due to a slow loading website? Stop the frustration today and increase the performance of your site! Even with very minimal optimization, the difference can be quite significant, so it is vital that you keep your website optimized for maximum performance.

What is website speed and performance optimization?

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Website performance optimization is the process of decreasing the load times of a website so your website can load quicker.

Why Page Speed Matters

Website page speedCompanies like Amazon and Google are obsessed with speed. Amazon reported a drop in traffic and revenue due to a fraction-of-a-second load delay. Yes you read that right: A fraction-of-a-second delay! I guess we got used to everything instant.

Speed of your site affects pretty much every metric out there. If you care about Search Rankings, Conversion, User Experience, Page Views, Adwords Quality Score and even Revenue.

So in other words, a fast loading website = more money in your pocket.

Why is my website running slow?

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There are many reasons why a website can be running slow. Most of the time, the issue can’t be seen without diving into the code.

Another reason why a website is slow could be the elements that make up the site. Do you have a lot of bloated images or videos on the site? Is your CSS coded correctly? What about keep-alive? Do you have a lot of forms on your site? Some of these might look great on your site, but for the end-user, the elements may prevent your website from loading faster preventing visitors from having a great user experience.