10 Little Known Facts Regarding Webinars and How They Help

Hosting a webinarContent marketing is more than just throwing up a post on a blog or tweeting a few times a day. There is much more to it than that.

Take for example webinars.  Webinars are an important part of content marketing that many people do not utilize enough. In fact, Lewis Howes says his business grew over 12x in a year alone, and he credits a lot of that to hosting webinars.

10 Things to Know About Webinars

Here are 10 ways that webinars can really help a business.

  1. It is a great way to build lead generation. To take part in a webinar, people have to register. So by hosting a webinar, you are essentially bringing in leads without much effort.
  2. If credits are offered, people are more likely to take part. When following the proper steps, businesses can offer webinars in exchange for professional learning credits, which make people much more willing to take part in them.
  3. It’s a great way to build brand recognition. The more a business promotes its name, the better its brand recognition becomes and the more trustworthy it becomes.
  4. It’s an interactive way to market. Businesses can create chats, poll questions, and custom emails in order to better interact with its audience.
  5. It can be easily re-purposed into other content. A webinar can be a great thing to tweet, base a blog on, or write a whitepaper about.
  6. It helps businesses reach a larger audience. Because it is virtual, people anywhere in the world can take part.
  7. It can save time. Instead of traveling to a conference wasting gas, time, and money, just host a webinar.
  8. It can increase sales. Some of those lead gens will become sales, right?  That depends on your follow-up skills.
  9. It can connect businesses with the right people. The people that attend webinars are many times the people with actual decision making ability.
  10. It can help establish credibility. Seeing the word webinar just makes people think professional.

What’s Next

Host a webinarEach time a business hosts a webinar, they have a little more expertise for the next one. Try to create one. And if success does not strike at once, go back, re-evaluate, and make the next one even better.

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