2020 – An Era Of Digital Automation For Small Enterprises

As per a McKinsey study, 45% of business activities can be performed through digital automation. Living in a world that entirely surrounds us with remarkable innovations, we can witness exponential growth. Slowly and gradually, enterprises have managed to adopt some of the most trending high-tech solutions to enhance their business procedures. However, there are still some complexities associated with small businesses; finding it difficult to cope with the changing trends in the technologies. As the world we live in moves towards globalization, organizations have started utilizing digital tools to enhance and improve their internal working procedures.


digital automation


It is not merely just the digitalization that is needed to be incorporated; however, it goes hand in hand with automation and its related fields. You need to know that to lead an organization successfully; you must need to be adaptive with your marketing, allowing your company to grow as per the growing needs. Being able to understand the sheer benefits associated with industrial automation will help you know the right track you can choose to progress. Moreover, it will ensure your prevention from bottlenecks, enabling you to minimize and reduce human errors.  That being said, below mentioned are some of the most highlighting facts of digital automation, and how it can be of great use for small enterprises.


1.  Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have evolved as the most leading high-tech solution for growing businesses. Machine learning helps an organization set some pre-mentioned rules that systems can follow with the help of artificial intelligence. Therefore, you need to know the actual difference between the two to take the maximum advantage of them. Machine learning is much-helping for organizations to develop more effective and reliable systems which are elevating their productiveness.  Technologies using AI-based instructions are significantly leveraging machine learning tools and programs to make the automation systems much smarter than before. These procedures are helping in process optimization, enabling businesses and organizations to improve their analytics and revenues. These are systems that work on automatized suggestion giving tech, providing an effective solution to the organization, helping them to grow exponentially.


2.  Robotic Process Automation

When it comes to automation and digitalization, the significant impact of robotics cannot be ignored. Robotic process automation (RPA) is considered to be the most effective and widely used tool to make procedure cost-effective. To make the most out of the industrial methods; manual man-work needs to be replaced by such high-tech technology. Artificial intelligence, when augmented with machine learning, enables the users to solve complex and intricate problems. The most outstanding feature about RPA is that is allowed to convert all the manual procedure to automation, requiring almost no human intervention. It can also be used to effectively transfer data from one system to another, using the cloud-based platform.


3.  No-Code & Low-Code Platforms

What could be better than developing a high profile and useful application with the minimum resources? However, when it comes to deployment of the no-or low-cost platform, things are much more assessable. It provides developers with a platform to build application and tools with the minimum information technology involvement. Moreover, it offers flexibility and agility to its users, allowing them to respond quickly to the desired changes within their systems. This platform also replaces the use of programming with additional and unique features in the visual form. By incorporating no – or low-cost platform, a small business can implement standardization of process, increase productivity and efficiency; while facilitating the user with all of its applications.


digital automation


4.  Adaptive Case Management

The use of (ACM) adaptive case management helps businesses to make preventive decisions for their company. It also allows users to automate their procedures by performing predictive task management procedures. These are vastly handy for those unpredictable organizations that find it hard to make the right decision at the right time.  These procedures allow humans to make effective decisions instead of sticking to conventional and unproductiveness patterns. Companies that usually follow adaptive case management often form a strict linear flow chart, which allows them to stay on a designated line of action.  With the adaptive case management systems businesses can also combine complex workflows to solve ever working scenario that may cause any difficulty in future.


5.  Collaboration & Communication Technologies

To lead an enterprise successfully, organizations must need to understand that having a robust communication is of the highest priority. Matters not whether it is related to internal affairs or the things are connected to external; having an effective communicative system is necessary. It not only helps in staying connected with your employees but also helps you in staying together with all your potential clients and customers. The best example of this could be the use of Chatbot. For instance, this adaptive communication procedure works effectively for academic service providers; enabling students to place their order for write my essay on the company platform. These are not just effective when communicating with your clients, but these can also enhance your internal communication procedures.


6.  Integration Of Smart Technology

The advent of smart technologies has also considerably intervened in elevating the progress of business organizations. Considering the internet of things and data manipulation, we can rightly say that thing have now significantly under control; without the fear of losing essential credentials. With the remarkable technologies of smart devices and sensors, digital processing of data has dramatically been transformed.  Moreover, self-monitoring and data analysis have allowed small businesses to make real-time changes into their systems, enhancing their efficiency considerably. Intercommunications have also gained interest, making it possible for enterprises to automatically get hold on to their methods. Smart devices have helped users to optimize their available resources to something of meaningful use.


7.  HR Technology

The great success of the business is also considerably associated with internal matters like that linked to HR, higher management, and digital marketing-driven strategies. Considering the economy, tight labour market, gigs, and high tech tools are helping the organization to lead their hierarchy to learn more about the impact. Such tools help contemplate matters more precisely, allowing managements to make prevalent changes in the system to improve the productiveness. Innovative AI-based systems can be brought into a company having the potential of reducing the manpower and making more assessable. The following can be enhanced by sung such a system of procedure.

  • Procedures for recruitment
  • Staff and employee onboarding
  • Employee internal communication and engagement
  • Wellness and health of the workforce
  • Systematic techniques for staff training


digital automation


8.  Blockchain Remains A Topic Of Interest

Last but not least, there is also a need for continuing all the investments in the blockchain sector to meet the upcoming challenges of modernization. In a recent survey conducted by Wal-Mart, IBM, FedEx, and MasterCard, it has been shown that businesses have started growing their interest in this part of the technology. Although growing enterprises may found it a bit difficult to compete with the challenge, the relevant struggle can help them significantly in the future. It helps in developing a robust link of contact with smart chains, providing assistance alleviates some of the most preeminent on-going global market issues.  Blockchain has made it feasible for enterprises to look more precisely into their financial matters, removing the hassle of manual performance. It can be regarded as standardization as the upcoming world of technological impact can be significantly influenced by blockchain and related sub-sectors.


Final Thoughts

In 2020 and in the forthcoming era, automation will continue to focus on making significant changes and improvements; helping business to grow more flexibility with agility. Especially when it comes to Small enterprises, automation – high-tech driven machinery and tools like machine learning, artificial intelligence will hold enough potential of making notable changes to the progress of companies.



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