The 8 Types of Content That Work Best for SEO

Google does work best for SEOToday people are Googling for answers more than ever. What are the chances that some of those who are searching will land on your web page?

It depends on what you put on there!

Here is a summary of the 8 types of content that work best for search engine optimization.


  1. Blog Posts

Creating blogs is the perfect medium to create awareness and make your voice heard, and its the easiest method for your website to work best for SEO. It’s fast, cheap and a reliable way of communication. Blogs are of numerous types. Be it fashion, beauty, food, health or entertainment, you name it and its all bound to be there.  It’s like who needs a newspaper when you have the same thing on blog posts online.

  1. Photo and Visual Galleries

As the old statement goes, seeing is believing. Pictures speak a thousand words. Searching for the hottest fashion trends, choosing the best buy from online stores or simply downloading wallpaper for your desktop all require searchers to look at photos and visual galleries before making a decision. After all, the impact a picture creates in your mind will last for a while.  Alt tags can be added to any image and will be visible to viewers if the image does not load properly.  Alt tags work best for SEO because it’s searchable in Google’s image tab.

  1. Short-form Content and Articles

For all those in search of a quick read, this is definitely for you. Short articles are a great way for searchers to spend time reading quality material, fiction or nonfiction stories or just passages meant to leave an impact on the reader’s mind.

  1. Long-Form Articles

Long form articles are another great way for readers to gain access to some of the best storytelling on the web from a sea of numerous publishers. Examples include in-depth interviews, long-form journalism, long form blog posts and even nonfiction stories.

  1. Interactive Tools and Content

Online tools have made life so much easier. With the click of a button, you can make purchases, sell items and even get a hold of prices of things like property. It’s a fast and convenient way of spending less time pondering over decisions that can now be done in minutes.

  1. Video

Videos also work best for SEOThis may come as no surprise to anyone out there. YouTube is the best example as well as other embedded videos on search pages. Be it learning tutorials for all things, video clips for important events or just an occasion that would like to be remembered, videos say it all in a short period of time, and work best for SEO when searching for interactive content.

  1. Data or Complex Information

The hottest news of the hour like the US Presidential election campaign statistics or the FIFA World Cup winning team goals can all be obtained through search engines within seconds. Who needs to switch on the TV when all a searcher needs to do is type the preferred element in the search bar?

  1. Comprehensive Category Leaders

Sometimes while searching through a web page, you end up looking at things that you never initially intended to search for. This is because a certain site led you to another site that sparked up your interest. This is what comprehensive category leaders are all about.

Be it professional or scientific interests, quick answers to simple questions or just a broad overlook at a certain topic, a searcher’s intent can vary to various degrees. This top 8 list for the SEO content material is a definitive guide for all those searching for content that ranks the highest amongst search engines today.

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