9 Common Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

Social Media PlatformsSocial Media is an essential part of any modern business, and is general a daily part of life. Whether it’s direct marketing, human resources, or interacting with your consumers, having a visible, professional, and appealing social media profile across several platforms is absolutely essential in the modern market.

Avoiding the following mistakes can help you really make the most of your online social media presence, and attain the most benefits for your business.

1.     Failing to Interact

The first thing to remember about social media compared to other platforms is that this is a two way street of communication. While you didn’t need to respond to customers when you held ads or made announcements on TV, radio, or billboard, you need to respond to comments and questions in order to seem trustworthy, reliable, and as if you really care about the client. The last thing you want your client to feel is ignored; you can use social media to help them feel valued.

2.     Posting Poor Quality Content

There is no questioning the fact that having high quality written copy is absolutely essential in marketing your business, and this is as true on social media as it is on any other platform. If your spelling and grammar is sloppy on social media, which is where you are likely to receive the most views and reach the widest audience, then your business will also look sloppy and incompetent. If you can’t properly post something on social media, then why should a consumer trust you with their custom?

Writing a social media postThere are many ways to ensure perfect content, and one of the most efficient is to hire qualified editors or a company that can get this done for you. More automated services are also available if your priority is to find someone fast and efficiently, such as Big Assignments, where you can select the service you want, and it will then be assigned to a professional. There are also services such as blog and social media content writing services offered by eBizUniverse that help with this. Any of these resources can ensure flawless content for social media marketing.

3.     Over-Hashtagging

While hashtags definitely have a time and place, and can be a huge benefit, using too many looks a little desperate, and also a lot like spam. Pick a couple of relevant hashtags and stick with them.

4.     Not Making the Most of Online Tools

There are some great online editing tools that can help make your marketing content stand out from the crowd. First, you should make sure that the writing is as strong as possible. For a non-professional, it can be hard to pick out exactly what isn’t right with a piece of text, however smart tools such as the Hemingway App can pick up common flaws and offer suggestions on how to improve. Plus, as writing posted online is most effective when it is over 300 words, you can easily monitor this with Easy Word Count.

Before you even start writing, you may want to review some basic guides or even videos explaining what makes strong copy, and plenty of these are available with Academized, and if there is still something you’re unsure of, there’s a great community of writers ready to offer support at Paper Fellows. One of the most important factors in any piece of writing is the title, which needs to be catchy and appealing to stand out online, and it’s easy to get ideas and make sure you’re title will attract traffic with Headline Analyzer.

5.     Posting Sporadically

Posting once in a blue moon will not help to drive traffic and build a following; however posting all day everyday will also be unappealing to your audience. Watch traffic patterns and post regularly, at the times you’re most likely to receive a response, but not so much that you are overloading your followers. A couple of times a day is normally ideal.

6.     Duplicating Content

It’s bad for SEO, and it’s bad for your reputation if you re-use content without giving the proper credit. Be original, or be honest about your sources.

7.     Ignoring Anything Negative

While it would be nice to ignore, or even refute any complaints, you will gain the best public perception by providing a polite response to negative comments, and promising to look into and rectify any issues.

8.     Using Too Many Social Media Platforms

While it might be tempting to share your content across every single form of social media, it is largely unnecessary, and too hard to manage. Instead, focus your energy on cultivating a well-rounded profile on the main sites your audience uses, often this means Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

9.     Posting Inconsistent Content

All of your social media posts should have a strategy of some sort – they should be connected and all revolve around a common goal. To achieve this goal, you really need to have a plan regarding your content – not just post randomly in an effort to stay updated.

There are so many advantages to using social media, and avoiding these common mistakes can help your business unlock the most benefits possible.

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