Advantages of a Responsive Web Design Over a Separate Mobile Site

Mobile phones with Internet connectivity are very popular these days. The Internet is no longer just for desktop computers and laptops but also for mobile phones. It is for this reason that mobile responsive websites are also becoming a hot topic in terms of Web Design. There are varying opinions as to whether mobile responsive websites are better than creating a separate mobile site. For the benefit of those who are not familiar with what a mobile responsive website is, it refers to a website that is compatible on various devices, from desktop computers, to tablets and smartphones.

A mobile responsive web design is better than a separate mobile site in many ways. For instance, it is better for Search Engine Optimization. Search engines recommend its use. In fact, search engine giant, Google, recommends a responsive design for websites. A preferred web design is one that serves different types of devices using the same set of URLs and only altering the CSS to render a website on a specific device.

With a responsive design, all content will be found in the same place. You wouldn’t be directed to a separate mobile site when you are using your smart phone. While you can use plug-ins that enable websites to work in mobile sites, the website may still look awkward. The content looks better with a responsive Web Design. It is also easier for viewers to read the content. Users don’t have to pinch or zoom their way through a website the way they do when the site isn’t optimized for a mobile phone. With a responsive design, your website is optimized no matter the size of the screen or device. Since the same style can be used for both the mobile phone and desktop computers, it also makes the website easier to maintain. You don’t have to copy and format content to suit various web properties. This is very useful for websites with a lot of content. Mobile devices also keep upgrading. With a mobile responsive website, you do not have to update your website design every time a new mobile phone comes out in the market.

Whether you opt for a responsive website design or create separate mobile site, it is important for you to develop a website with mobile phone users in mind if you want to stay competitive. According to research, there is an increase in the rate of mobile usage and mobile purchases and this trend is not likely to go down in the future. Therefore, a website that puts mobile phone users in mind will be really effective in driving traffic to your site. While this type of design may still have limitations, it can be a smart solution for website owners who want to widen their businesses’ market reach.

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