How Blog Marketing Can Change the Way you do Business

Close your eyes for a moment.

Can you remember the last time you didn’t read a blog?

These short writings have forever changed the way businesses interact virtually with their customers.

For decades people had to visit or call a physical location to see a product, schedule services, or to speak with a customer service associate. Today, however, that etiquette has changed. No longer do people need to leave their home, much less get out of bed to perform these tasks.

Writing blogsIn our present day digital world, a blog marketing your product is powerful. Not only will it reach thousands of people within minutes, but you are in control of the content. Plug in your own information, add clear crisp images, and let your content do the rest.

Through our research we’ve found that the more blogs your website has, the more people will want to visit and stay on your page. Think of hanging around the candy store – eventually you’re going to want some. We’ve also found that blogs that go viral really don’t help you. Sure, you can rack up several thousand ‘likes’ in a day, but without the ROI (return on investment) viral blogs don’t help.

Remember when we mentioned the more blogs you have, the better? Well, people will begin to see you as the expert voice within the industry. They’ll keep coming back to your website as the go to place of information and they’ll provide the word of mouth for you.

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