Can I expect to win new clients from Pinterest?

Here’s a question we often encounter when we talk to prospective clients: Can Social Media really generate new clients for my business? We answer them by saying, it’s not a matter of “if”, but “when”. Yes, you read that right – the keyword is “when”. We all know social media is great for generating buzz and content can go viral on social media but can it be used to affect my company’s bottom line? As a company ( focused on B2B customers, we continue to have great success on various social media channels. We have had several new clients who first heard about us via Social Media and then signed up with us. But what excites us more is when we hear stories about others, especially lay people who have had great success using social media channels and we tend to closely follow those stories. Today we want to bring your attention to one of them.

If you have been in Social Media for sometime, you already know that Twitter (a goldmine for generating leads if used properly), facebook, Google+, LinkedIn(another rockstar for generating leads) and YouTube can all bring in new clients, but can Pinterest be effective? Here’s an interesting article about a mom who landed major clients from Pinterest: Click here to read the article.



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