Facebook live streamingNo doubt you’ve seen live videos all over Facebook and other social media outlets by now.

Businesses, news stations, celebrities, and even people from your neighborhood have been able to broadcast themselves in real-time. The trends will only increase, according to research. In fact, the signs say the growth could be ten-fold in the coming year.

How Live Streaming is Changing Our Lives

Concert live streamingInstantaneous video information is more in demand than ever before. Think about television services such as Netflix: instead of paying hefty bills each month for content, people are opting to spend a few dollars and stream their own movies on-demand. We are becoming increasingly used to using video for all of our information and entertainment needs. The progression is now moving into our social lives.

The biggest change will be with our mobile phones. More people use their handheld devices to access the Internet than laptop or desktop computers now. As a result, researchers are estimating that mobile live streaming will increase tenfold by 2020. This is without accounting for the traffic generated by Wi-Fi usage, meaning the actual increase will be much more.

How to be Prepared

Companies can use these changes to their advantage. Platforms like Facebook make it very easy to begin a live stream and notify followers and friends about the broadcast. The real-time reactions are also a handy tool to help evaluate the success of the video while it is streaming, making it easier to adjust the content accordingly.

Live video isn’t something to be feared. In fact, it’s going to change the way we use the Internet, so businesses should do everything they can to take advantage of the trend.

Smartphone voice searchSearch engine optimization is crucial for the long-term health of your website. Without the right search rankings, it’s impossible to show up high enough on websites like Google to bring in new customers.

Voice-to-text technology, however, may be redirecting the way certain inquiries are showing up.

The Difference Between Voice and Text

Let’s say you wanted to know what the oldest breed of cat was. How would you type that into your computer? Chances are your search would look something like “oldest cat breed.” You would certainly get the results you’re looking for, but what if you are using a voice assistant such as Siri or Cortana?

Research has shown that people are more likely to use natural phrases when they’re using a voice-to-text. This same inquiry would likely become “What is the oldest breed of cat?” Searches are finally evolving enough to pair perfectly with human language.  Apple and Microsoft are constantly updating these voice to search programs so it understands ‘everyday’ language and not ‘canned’ language.

Why Voice Search is Changing the Game

Voice searchThese changes might seem pretty minor, until you consider how fast voice searches are growing. These inquiries are becoming more popular faster than any other type. According to new research, 55% of teenagers and 41% of the adults are already using voice search capabilities, and that number is growing rapidly.

Even these small changes to word choice will have a big effect on general searches over such a large scale. Now companies can begin expanding their focus for keywords and search terms. Longer voice searches also give better insight into the intent behind the search. Because when it comes to marketing, you can never know too much about your customers.

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Offensive marketingThe principle of war, known as the Strategic Offensive, is much better remembered as the old adage, “The best defense is a good offense.” Yet, any sports fan knows that “special teams” is often the hero of the game.

Security, Hackers, and Cyberattacks

The birth of today’s internet began back in 1969 with the government’s Advanced Research Projects Agency and the communications network that linked four major universities in the United States together. It was intended as an alternative communications system if the country came under military attack.

HackerIn 1982, the intelligence agency discovered a plan that Russia was going to steal computer software to gain control over the Trans-Siberian Pipeline. The United States changed the coding in that software causing the pipeline to explode and cyber-attacks were born.

In 1986, just four years later, the first hacking investigation took place tracing the hacker to Germany after he had broken into multiple computers at universities and government computers around the U.S.

Smarter Mousetraps Create Even Smarter Mice

Network exploitToday every person, every business, and every government agency needs to be aware of how personal or confidential information is handled. There are hackers who break into computers to steal information for personal gain, some believe they are crusading for a cause, and others just like the thrill or the challenge of breaking into systems that are considered impenetrable.

No matter how much we advance there will always be someone looking to exploit a weakness; we literally create the next generation of hackers with every update designed to prevent hacking.

Defense, Offense, & Special Teams

Any successful team is made up of different talents coming together as a complete unit to get the job done; in April 2016, the government is going to add a “special teams” area to their talent pool. Businesses have been using hackers to test computer security systems with great success, and now, the U.S. government is stealing that page from the playbook. Inviting external, but vetted hackers to try breaching selected public websites. The offense builds it – the defense protects it – special teams finds the weak spots making us stronger and more successful against future cyber-attacks.

BloggingContent curation articles offer more benefits than a few sparse blogs here and there. When you blog, you share your own ideas and soon, it would prove to be a challenge to come up with unique topics and content on a regular basis.

With content curation, you pull out content from various online sources and share these on your site together with your insights and recommendations. While establishing your authority by sharing what you know on the subject, you are also helping readers get the information they need on the subject from one source—your website.

Make Yourself Known as an Industry Expert

While you can do this with blogging, it is easier to achieve this with content curation. Content curation is not merely copying and pasting content from other sources. It’s linking to it or quoting them and sharing what you know and think about this information that you have shared. The various information that you collect and share on your site support the messages that you are trying to send to your readers and ultimately adds value to your content.

It helps with SEO

Content curation helps with SEO because it helps you stay relevant. Google and other search engines love new content that readers find interesting and useful. This is the type of content that gets shared. It also shows how relevant your site is when readers start linking back to your site.

Save Money and Cost

BlogQuality content needs time and money. You save on both when you curate content because you don’t have to start writing from scratch. With content curation, great ideas are already there, it is just up to you to build upon it with your own insights. It would also be easier for you to keep your content fresh and focused on your niche.

Like blogging, content curation helps with branding and marketing. Consider the advantages of content curation and see how it can help you and your business achieve your goals. If you need the help of digital marketing experts to get started, you can contact eBizUniverse.com.

ImgurImgur began as a gift to the users of Reddit by Alan Schaaf in 2009. Since then, and possibly because of its connection to Reddit, it has grown into a internet powerhouse. By 2012 the fledgling site had gone from a little site nobody knew to processing nearly 5 petabytes per month.

Alexa Rankings

Imgur, which Schaaf has stated has never taken corporate money, now has an Alexa ranking of 45th in the world and 16th in the US, competing directly with Instagram, which is ranked 20th in the US and 24th in the world.

As mentioned before, it was a gift to Reddit and Reddit is giving back. As of one year ago, nearly 65% of all the images shared on Reddit, ranked 32nd in the world and 10th in the US, were hosted on Imgur.


Just how serious of a force is Imgur? A good demonstration can be made from a picture of a Syrian refugee in Germany feeding the homeless. While it was shared 3,000 times of Facebook, it was shared 3 million times on Imgur. This doesn’t correlate directly to the amount of users Imgur has, but it does speak volumes about how powerful it can be as an image-sharing site.

Users and Engagement

When the user data is directly laid out versus Instagram and Snapchat, the numbers don’t lie. As of late 2014, Imgur had 150 million active monthly users on its site while Instagram had 400 million as of September 2015 and Snapchat’s app (the primary place that Snapchat is utilized) was buried at just 70 million users in April 2014.

Imgur’s user engagement is nothing to scoff at either. Around 30 million of its 150 million users spend over 10 hours per week on the site. Compare that with the average Instagram user who spends around 24 minutes per day on the site.

While Imgur is currently behind Instagram in terms of active monthly users, that gap seems to be closing quickly. And, for anyone in website marketing and e-commerce, just a few days can mean a world of difference for a company, especially a social media company.

What does the future hold for Imgur? Given the connection to Reddit and the aspirations for social networking, it looks as if the future is bright for the image sharing service.

LinkedInA 2015 Social Media Examiner study found that 88% of marketers use LinkedIn, and 80% of marketers plan to increase their usage of this platform in 2015 and beyond. As a professional network, LinkedIn is responsible for adding visibility for a business to potential employees, customers, and business partners. It’s no wonder that LinkedIn has taken notice and decided to launch the new LinkedIn App!

What’s New About the LinkedIn App?

According to LinkedIn’s official blog, the new app is built from scratch while keeping “everything you love and more to develop a mobile experience that is more intuitive, smarter and dramatically simplifies your LinkedIn experience.”

LinkedIn company pageIn a nutshell, the new app offers several new features:

  • An improved home feed which displays relevant content based on your skills, job title, function, and interests to keep you on top of what’s new in your industry.
  • A streamlined way to manage your professional brand. This dashboard lets you see who has viewed your profile and the people in your network, while letting you share interesting posts.
  • An network feed which displays content that your peers and the businesses you follow post.
  • Streamlined messaging and search functions.

The new app was clearly designed to streamline communicating with fellow professionals and accessing new content that can be helpful to your professional growth.

How Does Using This App Help My Business?

Since LinkedIn is about business and employee visibility, it is the perfect social media platform to share higher-level content that tells the professional story about your brand. Leverage the new app to share content that positions your business as a thought leader in the industry. With nearly two-thirds of American adults on smartphones, and 74% of them on social networking sites, the new LinkedIn App is the perfect way to set your brand’s stage to a world that’s already watching.

How Does This Change My Small Business’s Social Strategy?

Do you need more direction to leverage the new LinkedIn App successfully? Contact a social media expert at eBizUniverse to learn more about our LinkedIn marketing strategies.

FacebookYour small business may already be using Facebook to enhance your brand and connect with your customers, but is your Facebook business page reaching everyone that it could?

Take the following statistics into consideration:

  • There are 1.3 BILLION active Facebook users. (Source: Invesp, 2015)
  • 92% of social media marketers are using Facebook for advertising. (Source: Invesp, 2015)
  • Facebook mobile ad revenue makes up 62% of total ad revenue. (Source: Invesp, 2015)


While your small business may already have a small following on your Facebook page, studies show you can get the most growth for your advertising dollar through Facebook. Here are a few Facebook advertising tips to get you started.

Tip #1: Establish Your Goals

Facebook-adsDo you want your Facebook ads to generate more followers to your page? Do you want to use Facebook to advertise a specific product on your website? Do you want to drive inbound website traffic? Do you want to direct people to a sale? Before you embark on an advertising campaign, determine your goals to align your messaging, graphics, analytics, and links.

Tip #2: Get Your Copy Right

Facebook ads only allow a certain number of characters on their ads.

  • Headlines cannot exceed 25 characters.
  • Page descriptions and post descriptions cannot exceed 90 characters.

Facebook Ad Manager will not let you type beyond the approved character count, but you MUST tailor your ad copy to fit within the constraints while still delivering a strong CTA.

Tip #3: Get Your Images Right

Facebook Ad images have a very specific rule: there CANNOT be more than 20% text on the image you use in your ad. Use Facebook’s Text Overlay tool to determine if your image meets the guidelines. Your image should be relevant to the sales goal: show off your product and/or service.

Advanced Facebook Advertising Management

This only covers the surface of ads on Facebook, and managing Facebook ads can be tedious and expensive. However, you can save money while offloading the burden of management to experienced Facebook ad specialists at eBizUniverse.

Contact us today and tell us about your growth goals.

boomerang-300x168Instagram launched something amazing. In their own words, “It’s not a photo. It’s not a gif. It’s a Boomerang.” Boomerang from Instagram is a newly launched video app that takes snips of pictures and turns them into something else.

The Boomerang app captures images with a click of a button. The app then combines the images into a short video that can be played in either direction: forwards or backwards. These mini videos are then available locally on your camera roll for easy upload to your favorite social channels.

How Can My Business Use Boomerang?

boomerang1-300x150According to a 2015 study by Social Media Examiner, only about 26% of B2B marketers are currently using Instagram. This, however, does not mean that your business can’t find value in using Boomerang.

The same social media study cites that 88% of B2B marketers use Facebook, and 83% use Twitter. Though it was launched by Instagram, Boomerang is not meant to be used exclusively through that platform. Since the Boomerang videos save to your camera roll, you can technically upload them anywhere, to your business’s social media platform of choice.

Like any Internet video marketing, you have to align your Boomerang videos to your brand’s message and sales goals. For example, you can use Boomerang to:

  • Film short behind-the-scenes videos that show how your products are made.
  • Engage your audience with fun short videos of core staff and upper level management.
  • Show your customers what your product does.
  • Create highly sharable, entertaining content that promotes your brand.

This app’s forward-backward-slow-motion-fast-motion capabilities allow you to create hyper-creative, highly stylized pieces which can really highlight your business’s product, culture, or brand.

How Do I Integrate Boomerang Into My Social Strategy?

Video marketing in any form can be a challenge for a small business, and when you add this highly artistic element, things can get tricky very quickly. Consult with a social media professional at eBizUniverse for more information about creating a comprehensive video marketing strategy that aligns with your sales goals.

Ever since the evolution of humans and science, we have all been on a quest for achieving high productivity and efficiency in our daily chores. No one has ever been able to hack the code for maximum efficiency and productivity. The internet itself has taken on a different shift in becoming a major source of effectiveness within the workplace.

However, there are a few things that might help us to ace our performance and that of the internet. Many people do not realize that the key to better performance at work is hidden within a particular internet browser.

Google Chrome.

The secret to getting more work done in a few hours and more efficiently lies in the cool add-ons and extensions of Chrome. Because of increased traffic and population on the internet, As the internet grows, so does Chrome and the available extensions,

Below are the top five Chrome extensions that promise to increase your productivity and the level of your work by a considerable number.

Website Blocker

chrome-websiteblocker-300x188Procrastination is what keeps you from focusing on your work and hinders your productivity. This first extension (website blocker) is a must because it keeps you distraction-free from non-work related websites (at least for part of the day).

This extension allows the user to block any unwanted website for a specific period of time. For instance, say your company is open 9-5. Any website you don’t want employees visiting will be blocked during that time. Website Blocker has been rated 4 out of 5 by users.  Download the extension from Google’s extension homepage.

✔ Block the URL including the specified character string.
✔ Block only between the specified time.
✔ You can change the warning message.
✔ You can switch ON/OFF of each function.


chrome-ginger-300x182Grammatical mistakes and misspelled words may not allow you to perform quickly and efficiently when you have a work due in a few hours. This is possibly the coolest and most helpful Chrome extension as it performs beyond the traditional ways of checking your work online. It looks for any discrepancies in your work and underlines any content that may be not suitable or relevant for the content.

The extension includes a full set of features to ensure that you make the most out of all of your written communications: As the world’s #1 proofreader, this extension is equally suited for both native and non-native English speakers.  Download the extension from Google’s extension homepage.

Google Similar Pages

chrome-similarpages-300x183Researchers love this extension and it is a definite must-have add-on for Chrome. It not only saves time typing and researching different keywords, but it also ensures frustration-free research gaining maximum productivity. It helps you look and navigate through similar pages about the topics you are looking for.

You can quickly preview and explore other pages that are similar to the one you are browsing — on the fly. When you click the Similar Pages button, your browser will send a search query to Google to see if there are any similar pages for the page you are viewing. The data related to the query will be handled as described in Google’s privacy policy.  Rated 4 of out 5 stars from users.  Download the extension from Google’s extension homepage.


chrome-todoist-300x189This sleek todo extension keeps you organized, focused, and more productive.  It assigns a website to Chrome and commands it to open automatically whenever the browser is opened. The URL to the desired website is saved and you can get back to your work where you left earlier.

Featured by TechCrunch, New York Times, Lifehacker, ReadWriteWeb, and many others, Todoist works beautifully across all your devices (desktop, web browser, e-mail client, and mobile) so you can boost productivity and do more each day.

It is rated 4.5 stars out of 5 and is highly popular among users for its usage and effectiveness.  Download the extension from Google’s extension homepage.

Google Mail Checker

chrome-mailchecker-300x185Like the other extensions aforementioned, this too works by the principle of saving time to increase your productivity. This is highly recommended for anyone who receives and sends mails on a daily basis, and is a great way of knowing about your unread messages without clicking on tabs again and again.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars by users, this is a must have extension for the browser!  Download the extension from Google’s extension homepage.

onpageseo-300x234Your SEO strategy might already be built on a foundation of generating quality content and getting good backlinks to your website. You’ve created XML sitemaps, your SEO techniques are perfectly white hat, and you’re even sharing your pages and blog posts on social media.

Good. Now, what about your outbound links?

What is an Outbound Link?

Per the name, an outbound link is a link within your website that points to an external URL. Most back-links include:

  • Citations within blog posts (to give credit to statistics or quotes you’ve used on your blog content).
  • External links to your social media pages.
  • Links to your partner or sponsor pages.
  • Links to relevant articles in your resources section.

Outbound links are important to your SEO strategy: linking to reputable websites improves your own website’s reputation. Similar to word-of-mouth tactics, your web visitors will try to gauge you based on with whom you associate via your external links.

Using Outbound Links to Help SEO

internal-links-300x166An article on MarketingTerms.com says that, “providing high quality references actually enhances the value of a site and increases the chance of return visitors.” Citing valuable references in your blog posts adds credibility to your arguments, while giving your readers the evidence they need to determine the validity for themselves.

When using an outbound link, make sure that anchor text you use reflects the nature of the page you’re sending your visitors to. In other words, your hyperlink text should describe the title, article content, writer, or other relevant identifier that describes the content of the cited page.

How Outbound Links Impact Marketing Analytics

According to a Google Analytics outbound link article, GA can track which outbound links your visitors click on. This helps you analyze your website’s outbound behavior, allowing you to determine:

  • What external content are your readers interested in?
  • What content can you generate or curate to center around that interest?
  • What internal content can you generate to keep your visitors on the website longer?
  • What content can you curate from your most popular outbound link pages?

You can see an overview of exit activity from GA’s “Event” menu.

Professional SEO Services

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