SnapChatIn a day and age when social media is known for how long information is archived, SnapChat is becoming more popular than ever, and now even businesses are growing into SnapChat. People do not share photos as often if they are worried about them being permanently available to anyone that comes across them.

With SnapChat, users send photos or videos that are erased in 1-10 seconds after they are viewed. This anonymity has quickly made SnapChat one of the fastest growing social media platforms.

Great spur of the moment advertising

Spontaneous advertising can be a great way to gain customers. For example, you might send a fun photo of what is going on at the office or that gives customers insight into how a product is produced. Sometimes great promotions do not need to take a lot of time or cost a lot to be great.

Flash sales

If there is one thing that will get a customer using SnapChat it is a great deal. For example, a business might occasionally send out an ad with a code for 10% of a purchase or give users an opportunity to purchase select merchandise first.


SnapChatIn a competitive industry, it is essential to give people as much incentive as possible to utilize your business. Some firms have run marketing campaigns that encourage users to send a SnapChat photo of themselves using a product. In exchange, the customer gets sent a SnapChat photo that contains a discount. This can create two sales out of what would have been one.

Eliminates Frustration

When you have a discount code for a product or service, the code often is posted for much longer than it is good for. When a customer tries to use a code that is expired, they can become very frustrated because they do not understand it is old. With SnapChat your code is only available briefly and far less likely to be stored.

Send Videos with Ease

SnapChat is not just for sharing pictures. Short videos can be sent to customers and potential customers. Videos capture a lot of attention and can be educational as well as promotional. For example, a home improvement contractor may send out a daily short video with a tip for home maintenance. A self-help expert could send out a positive message once a week. Contact us today to get started with SnapChat.