epic headlineAn epic headline is often described as the “gateway to your content.” This gate is freely open to your readers, but the quality of the title dictates whether they decide to step through or not. This is a huge opportunity that many people don’t give enough consideration to when constructing a post.

It doesn’t matter if you have the greatest post ever written. No one will read it if they aren’t sucked in by the headline. That’s why today we’re going to look at the characteristics of a great headline, so you can use them to capture attention from your visitors.

The Anatomy of a Perfect Headline

Your epic headline will make up 50% of your post’s total effectiveness. That’s right, over half of the power your post has lies in those first few words at the top. While there’s no single formula for the perfect headline, there are plenty of characteristics that appear in the best ones.

What is a blog, you ask? It’s a collection of headlines with posts attached to them, so you have to understand how to write these kinds of headlines.  There are a  common characteristics so you can begin building the idea of a perfect headline:

Include Numbers and Real Data

Headlines that have numbers or data within them are vastly more effective. In fact, studies have shown they generate 73% more shares and engagement. The reason behind this lies in the way our brains are hardwired.  According to Debra Jason: “Our brains are attracted to numbers because they automatically organize information into a logical order. In marketing and advertising, your headline is an advertisement for your content. A single, small odd-numbered digit like 7 for example, is like candy for your organizational mind.”

Specifically, odd numbers tend to perform better than their even counterparts. In fact, headlines that were altered to include an odd number received a 20% increase in click-through rate.

Provide a Reason to Read

Your epic headline should give your readers a reason to click it. Why should they read your content? What are you offering them? A promise like this must be made in your headline if you want them to click.

This is extremely important, considering that 89% of blog posts don’t get more than 100 shares on social media. If you want them to spread your content, you need to give them a strong reason. To do this, try including these words into your headlines:

  • Tips (as in 7 Tips For Starting Your Blog)
  • Reasons (The 9 Reasons You’re Not Successful Yet)
  • Lessons (3 Lessons I Learned in High School That Made me a Successful Blogger)
  • Facts (The 5 Facts I Wished I Knew When I Starting Blogging)
  • Strategies (The 3 Backlink Strategies All The Experts Are Using)

Make Them Stop and Read

blog epic headlineGrabbing attention is far easier said than done. If you want people to read your post, then you have to make them read the epic headline first.

This isn’t easy, given that the average attention span is 8.25 seconds.

Your headline should contain something called “The Four U’s” which was popularized by Michael Masterson.

Here they are:

  • A Unique Headline
  • Ultra-specific wording
  • A sense of urgency
  • It has to convey a useful idea

If we break these down, you’ll find that it paints a picture we can use for our headlines. To accomplish the first “U”, trying searching for your headline on Google. Make sure you use quotation marks for an exact search.

If it doesn’t come up, then you’ve got a unique headline. To make your headlines specific, make sure you’re addressing or answering a question that your audience has and needs an answer for. To make it urgent, use words that convey a sense of time. Tell them they to know these things “now” or “today.”

Finally, the useful idea you’re conveying should be something of value to your readers, like how to use apps to grow your business.  By using some of the tips above, you can create useful headlines by including motivation and data.

Choose an Epic Headline Formula

Knowing these things, the final step is to create a formula that you use for your post headline. While there are plenty of ways that other bloggers craft their headlines, ultimately yours should be unique to you and what works for your audience.

To help you construct your own headline formula, here are some examples of how others are doing it:

  • Bronn at Kissmetrics uses “S.H.I.N.E” (Specificity, Helpfulness, Immediacy, Newsworthiness, Entertainment Value.
  • Another headline formula is one fitness experts use which Identifies the problem, offers a solution, and makes a promise to apply the solution and bring about benefits.
  • The Little Known Ways formula uses emotional words and the phrase “little-known ways” to compose a headline that sticks in people’s minds.

Final Thoughts

The headline is one of the most important elements of any blog post. Spend the proper amount of time and energy on crafting it, and you’ll reap the rewards. How do you construct your headlines? Let us know which formula works for you in the comments!

Social media is a great (and mostly free) way to gain new customers for your business. Using social media seems deceptively simple, but in order to use it to generate new clients for business you must do so effectively.  You’ll need to become familiar with the various platforms and how they can be utilized for your company.

Social Media Platforms


Facebook social mediaFacebook is one of the most media platforms. You can advertise your business and post information, photos and video. But content you share on Facebook is only visible to or shared with people who are your “friends” on the site.

It’s important to keep all of your platforms updated and current. It’s a good idea to update your social media platforms on a weekly or even a daily basis. You may need to hire a social media professional if you don’t have the time to do this yourself.


Twitter social mediaTwitter is another useful social platform. But on Twitter, you have “followers” instead of friends. And you can only share content, in the form of information photos and videos with other users who follow you. Information is shared in the form of tweets.

Each tweet can be no more than 140 characters in length.


LinkedIn social mediaLinkedIn is similar to Facebook but it is mostly used by businesses and working professionals. You can promote your business on LinkedIn using lead generation, join groups who share similar interests, and connect with people to expand your reach.

Connecting with Customers and Clients

You can use social media to connect with current clients and recruit new ones.  Encourage clients to “Like” “Follow” or “Connect With” your business depending upon which platform you choose.  When used effectively, social media is a great way for customers to share their experiences with other users and therefore potentially generate new clients for your business. Happy customers are chatty.

Content is the standard by which the value and success of an organization can be gauged, but the competition for stunning content to be used in marketing is so intense, developing unique content to make your brand stand out is tough work.

Along with content and marketing techniques, the audience have evolved as well. This means adapting with changing circumstances is necessary to remain relevant in the market. But how do you do this?

Adapting with the Audience’s Demands

valuable stunning contentThe audience is no longer looking forward to reading lengthy paragraphs or purchasing product/services from unknown brands.  Instead, they wish to be part of a brand and view content which captures their interest. This has led many brands to optimize their webpages with stunning content to fulfill the desires of their target audience with mixed success.

So, what makes content appealing? To attract new audiences, your content should contain relevant information causing the user to stop searching and instead spend some time viewing what you have to offer. Next comes the pitch and call to action in order to persuade the user into performing an action according to your target goals.

By sticking with these four techniques, you can be sure to develop interesting content to appeal to the tastes of your target audience.

  1. Create Images that Spread like Wildfire

Example of a stunning imageWe’ve all heard the phrase ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, so create images that will convey your message to maximum extent.

Perfectly designed images spread like wildfire on social media platforms because they appeal to a vast majority of audience and at the same time advertises your content.

The viewers will want to click the image to learn more about the content once you have caught their interest.

  1. Infographics are Way More Interesting

Example of a stunning infographicCombining images with short text creates infographics and has become one of the most versatile and effective medium when it comes to spreading factual and stunning content. Plain content and fact based data are ineffective in delivering the desired effect alone, but combining them with images creates content which is both informative, precise, easy for the audience to view and understand and equally interesting.

Infographics are your greatest asset when it comes to dry, uninteresting content because they can shape it in a manner to attract viewers. Use it when your information is lacking the spice to garner curiosity of the audience.

To create an effective infographic, pick relevant images along with the facts you have chosen. If statistics are concerned with the automobile industry, choosing relevant images of cars is the right way to go. Placement of images and text is critical. Do not overlap and watch for image shades to make sure you do not render both contents unreadable for the viewer.

Viewers are attracted to the latest trends, so be on the hunt for fresh content to better engage them. Choose a topic which has been the latest buzz over the past six months and create a trendy post on that issue. Surveys are an excellent method to convey to the masses a generalized view of what the people think on a subject. Create bar graphs or pie charts of your results and share your content with the viewers.

  1. Feature What Goes On Behind the Scenes

Company meetingViewers are not just searching for a brand that delivers quality products and services; they are also looking at immersing themselves in your story. Adding a few photos about activities that your brand is involved in other than those listed or a few casual images of work being conducted in office or time off is a friendly way to include audience in the backstory.

Photos are a great way to break the ice between the audience and your brand. You should involve them and promote a natural appearance of yourself. It promotes a humanistic reputation of the brand and allows the audience to engage on a more intimate level along with maintaining brand loyalty.

Share photos of your team members at work or at a client location, celebrating some milestone achievement or of a meeting in progress. You can also include these in various parts of your webpage such as About Us segment, posts or even in emails. They make great material to promote your brand on social media as news travels fastest on such platforms and the nature of such content creates a friendly and interactive image of your brand.

  1. Videos Draws Attention

stunning video contentVideos are the most adaptive form of stunning content in which a huge quantity of information can be summarized interactively in just a few minutes. Videos can be used on any subject and not only increase the rankings of your webpage on search engines but are an excellent source of stunning content.

There are several ways to create engaging videos to attract visitors towards your webpage. You can choose to develop informative videos by using facts, figures, interviews from experts combined with images and music for maximum effect. At the same time, you can opt for more of a live tone by uploading live interviews or events to capture the thrill of the moment or to give the audience an uncut, unedited experience about what happened.

Stunning content on YouTubeProper placement of videos is crucial for their success in drawing out the desired effect from target audience. Videos can be placed on landing pages to supply the visitor what they have been searching for. A simple video explaining your brand’s objectives and motto on About Us page will be helpful in delivering your message in a concise manner. You can also upload video reviews to show the audience what others think about your brand.

Don’t just limit yourself to your site – share your video(s) on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. And remember, video viewers are always looking towards getting the maximum content out of their time. So keep your content short but precise and interesting to keep the viewer waiting for more.

Reputation Management

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” – Warren Buffett

Your online brand reputation plays a major role in your business success as well as customer satisfaction. As per the 2014 Edelman Trust Barometer, about 65% of online users depend on web search to get information related to firms as well as people.

Social media iconsOne of the more significant tools which assist businesses in this purpose is social media.  It is currently the best tool for businesses. About 92% of the marketers were surveyed for the 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report and they felt social media is a vital tool for business.

Furthermore, 90% stated that social media helps to increase their exposure while 69% praised it for being able to develop loyal fans. So, if you have not started social media marketing, you must start to brand yourself using social media.

Steps to Brand

The following are the major steps involved in branding your firm and its products through social media:

  • Selecting a Social Media Platform

No doubt, there are various social media platforms available to pick from in order to start the branding journey. But you have to carefully select the correct one which helps in preventing yourself from spreading too thin. The following infographic can give a clear picture on how much significant social media is…

Social media 101

If you are going for multiple platforms in a single instance, it will then create a negative impact on your brand as reaching to the potential audience will be difficult. In order to assist you to decide on the platform, take a quick look at the top three effective platforms:

  • Facebook: In terms of name, recognition and number of users, Facebook is considered to be the largest social network. Using this platform, you can gain access to more than 1.55 billion users and even to wide range of tools which in turn can boost your business. Now if you are new to branding, then social media is the perfect place to start. So, not only you can share videos, updates and photos without caring about the limitations, but Facebook will also advertise your business on a well-designed platform.
  • Twitter: Irrespective of having 140-character limitation, there is no doubt that Twitter is considered one of the most popular platforms for posting videos, polls, updates, images and more. Twitter can be used for interacting with various users and currently has more than 320 million users (active) worldwide. As a result, it is the perfect choice for handling customer services as well as marketing brands.
  • Pinterest: Some people might have thought that LinkedIn would be found on this list; however, Pinterest has overtaken it in terms of popularity and has risen to the top.  This platform provides digital bulletin boards which you can use for organizing the collection of pictures that features your work space, offers, and the individuals who are behind the firm. But Pinterest is more of a niche network as the majority of users are women and the popular categories are fashion, exercise and beauty.


  • Keeping a Consistent Image

Branding is all about images. From your brand name to logo and to the profile picture, everything has to be instantly recognizable. A unique identity needs to be created through the design. For example, you can use style and color patterns of your logo so that you can establish your brand and even design the pages. Furthermore, you can get more inspiration by checking out what leaders of the industry are doing and taking a page from their books.

  • Design Shareable And Valuable Content

Valuable contentOften various businesses make the mistake of creating content which only they want to read. Oftentimes they will simply meet the deadlines which are marked on their publishing calendar without paying attention to what the viewer wants to read. Now what you need to be focusing on is on how to create best and useful content which attract the attention of readers and the want to have them share the content.

As an added benefit you can research what factors engages the audiences. This can be achieved by asking the members directly or by checking out what competitors are doing. But avoid plagiarizing and sharing blindly, as such moves will certainly affect your branding efforts.

Instead you can read these expert tips:

  1. You need to ensure that the content which you are going to share supports the brand image of your business. One major factor that you must add to your post is humor. But you have to make sure that it goes well with the audience.
  2. Keep in mind that the content and tone of your post is relevant to the brand. Simply posting a blog just because the topic is trending or you have a personal interest in it is not feasible. All content that you post must be relevant to the website. Any post which discusses about irrelevant topics will be met with criticism, irrespective of how well it has been written.
  3. Check out which content is getting more visibility on your social network. You have to use analytics to see which articles your audiences are reading and which ones they are not.
  4. Never be shy from using visual content. You will be surprised to know that images can provide 94% more views when compared to written content.


One of the best ways to generate a fan base and create audience is by socializing your content. The first step is to get in touch with social influencers present in your field since they have already established their brand.

Once that is done, you can put their names in the post. This can inspire them to connect and contact you. Ultimately they might share the content you have posted with their followers. You can take part in the discussions in order to show off your expert knowledge even as you are creating a bridge among the audience and you

Wrap Up

Go ahead and follow these tips. And if you just ignore the social media marketing strategies, then your brand value will disappear in no time. Get busy and try to popularize your brand name.

Super Bowl 50This year’s ‘golden” Super Bowl featuring the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos is set to break quite a few records. And, no, there will be no mention of Peyton Manning’s possible broken records in this article.

Record-Breaking Commercial Costs

One of the most heralded and talked about aspects of the Big Game are the Super Bowl commercials. For the most part, advertisers come out swinging and try to bring out their best, freshest ads with the most impact. This year’s Super Bowl 50 will be no exception to that rule (see greatest Super Bowl commercials).

The price of a 30-second Super Bowl spot has been steadily rising since Super Bowl XLIII, which had a minimum price of $2.4 million. By Super Bowl XLIX, that number had almost doubled, costing a staggering $4.5 million.

This year, the coveted spots have the hefty price tag of $5 million a pop, up 11% from the previous years. While one could potentially calculate that the NFL made $300 million on the spots, there are usually repeats and some mainstay brands, such as Budweiser, that have contracts with the NFL that allow them to get into the Super Bowl commercial lineup.

Either way, there are quite a few companies that will be showing their wares during the game. Looking over the list, many would never expect that these commercials would be in the same event. Ads will range from mobile games (Mobile Strike) to toothpaste (Colgate) to avocados (Avocados from Mexico).

The Social Media Storm

Super Bowl 50 social mediaThe fans are even more invested, and companies have quite a bit riding on that fact as well.

The Marriott has played their hand since before the big game, racking up nearly 54 million impressions on social media for fans to win a suite at the Super Bowl.

For the game itself, Twitter and Facebook have been a part of the hype, with 70% of news seekers on Twitter seeing Super Bowl news and Facebook’s at 55%, and will continue to be driving the game forward. Twitter is offering special emojis and Facebook will be introducing the Sports Stadium, which will give Facebook users a place to find game news and events in real time.

Denny Keens, the Head of North American Sports Partnerships, has predicted big things for the Super Bowl, saying that it will likely be the most popular event of 2016 for Twitter users.

Companies large and small are capitalizing on the nation’s Super Bowl fever. After all, it’s a great way to spread a brand and invigorate a business during one of the biggest events in American life.

spam-300x200The greatest fact about marketing life: your readers hate SPAM. They hate irrelevant, pushy email marketing campaigns that murder their inboxes and try to force them to care about things they don’t care about. An email marketing statistic from Epsilon reports, “The average click-through rate for B2B marketing emails in Q2 2013 was 1.7%.”

However, not all emails are unwelcome. According to a November 2015 study by MailChimp, the average open rate across businesses of all sizes is between 20% and 24%. In a classic case of “it could be worse,” it is important to remember that many of your customers may be engaging with your content on other mediums, including social media or directly from your website.

Improve your email marketing campaigns and craft compelling emails that your readers will want to open by getting more “in touch” with your audience.

Step 1: Who is Your Audience?

Are you a B2B business that sends monthly e-newsletters to a list of engineers and construction professionals? Or are you a retail chain that reaches out weekly to the millennial consumer? Your emails must be tailored to catch the attention of your audience and regularly give them valuable information. If even one of your emails fails to provide relevant information to your reader, the likelihood that they will open a future email plummets.

Step 2: Have a Strategy

What is the purpose of your email marketing campaign? Are you offering a promotional discount to increase sales? Are you introducing your readers to a new service? Are you highlighting a new product with an incentive to buy? Or are you simply reaching out to keep in touch with your email list? Develop a clear strategy and goal before crafting content otherwise you’re wasting your time.

Step 3: Craft Compelling Content

Once you have an audience and strategy, it’s your responsibility to create email content that is valuable and engaging. Your email subject should catch the reader’s attention without being gimmicky, and the content should offer information that they did not know before. Use graphics tastefully and tactfully, since many email providers display text-only emails.

FacebookPhoto credit: Pinterest.com

 “Facebook was not originally created to be a company. It was built to accomplish a social mission – to make the world more open and connected.” – Mark Zuckerberg


When something is made into a movie, we know that something is very popular. Otherwise, movie producers wouldn’t waste their time on such a thing. So when the trailer of the movie, The Social Network was released, people were not much surprised. For not only is Facebook that popular, it has become part of their staple food, so to speak. The majority of us use Facebook and it has become part of our lives.


If you haven’t seen the movie yet, here’s a brief history:

Originally called thefacebook, Facebook was founded by former Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg (while still at Harvard) who created the company as one of his hobby projects with some financial help from Eduardo Saverin. Within months, Facebook and its core idea spread across the dorm rooms of Harvard where it was very well received. Soon enough, it was extended to Stanford and Yale where, like Harvard, it was widely endorsed.

Before he knew it, Mark Zuckerberg was joined by two other fellow Harvard classmates – Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes – to help him grow the site to the next level. Only months later when it was officially a national student network phenomenon, Zuckerberg and Moskovitz dropped out of Harvard to pursue their dreams and run Facebook full time. In August 2005, thefacebook was officially called Facebook and the domain Facebook.com was purchased for a reported $200,000.

Complete article: http://mashable.com/
FacebookPhoto credit: https://instagram.com/


The Rise of Facebook

Zuckerberg seemed to be going nowhere but up, but in 2006 the business mogul faced his first big hurdle. The creators of Harvard Connection claimed that Zuckerberg stole their idea, and insisted the software developer needed to pay for their business losses. Zuckerberg maintained that the ideas were based on two very different types of social networks but, after lawyers searched Zuckerberg’s records, incriminating Instant Messages revealed that Zuckerberg may have intentionally stolen the intellectual property of Harvard Connection and offered Facebook users’ private information to his friends.

Zuckerberg later apologized for the incriminating messages, saying he regretted them. “If you’re going to go on to build a service that is influential and that a lot of people rely on, then you need to be mature, right?” he said in an interview with The New Yorker. “I think I’ve grown and learned a lot.”

Although an initial settlement of $65 million was reached between the two parties, the legal dispute over the matter continued well into 2011, after Narendra and the Winklevosses claimed they were misled in regards to the value of their stock.

Zuckerberg faced yet another personal challenge when the 2009 book The Accidental Billionaires, by writer Ben Mezrich, hit stores. Mezrich was heavily criticized for his re-telling of Zuckerberg’s story, which used invented scenes, re-imagined dialogue and fictional characters. Regardless of how true-to-life the story was, Mezrich managed to sell the rights of the tale to screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, and the critically acclaimed film The Social Network received eight Academy Award nominations.

Zuckerberg objected strongly to the film’s narrative, and later told a reporter at The New Yorker that many of the details in the film were inaccurate. For example, Zuckerberg has been dating longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan, a Chinese-American medical student he met at Harvard, since 2003. He also said he never had interest in joining any of the final clubs. “It’s interesting what stuff they focused on getting right; like, every single shirt and fleece that I had in that movie is actually a shirt or fleece that I own,” Zuckerberg told a reporter at a start-up conference in 2010. “So there’s all this stuff that they got wrong and a bunch of random details that they got right.”

Yet Zuckerberg and Facebook continued to succeed, in spite of the criticism. Time magazine named him Person of the Year in 2010, and Vanity Fair placed him at the top of their New Establishment list. Forbes also ranked Zuckerberg at No. 35—beating out Apple CEO Steve Jobs—on its “400” list, estimating his net worth to be $6.9 billion.

Source: http://www.biography.com/

So the movie was not entirely correct. Perhaps, that is understandable as movie directors tend to spice up the plot. But there is no doubt, Facebook has become the greatest social network on Earth.

Facebook infographicInfographic source: http://i2.cdn.turner.com/

So, according to that infographic made just a couple of years ago, the average Facebook user is 38 years old. We would have thought that it would be teenagers that will be the bulk of users, but no. The Facebook appeal has been great for adults. Why is that so?

Here’s a study made by the Pew Research Center proving that Facebook indeed is the platform of choice of adults:

“Some 73% of online adults now use a social networking site of some kind. Facebook is the dominant social networking platform in the number of users, but a striking number of users are now diversifying onto other platforms. Some 42% of online adults now use multiple social networking sites. In addition, Instagram users are nearly as likely as Facebook users to check in to the site on a daily basis.” These are among the key findings on social networking site usage and adoption from a new survey from the Pew Research Center’s Internet Project.

Despite recent growth by services such as Pinterest and Instagram, Facebook remains the dominant social networking platform

As in previous Pew Research surveys of social networking usage, Facebook remains the dominant player in the social networking space. Some 71% of online adults are now Facebook users, a slight increase from the 67% of online adults who used Facebook as of late 2012.

Complete study: http://www.pewinternet.org/

A report by CBS also shows that parents are enjoying Facebook as much as their children. And it seems, when parents started connecting with their children, the latter are no longer are as happy as their parents. You guess why.

Adult Facebook userhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEnXa1MjHN4

But the question still remains. What is the reason why Facebook appeals to adults? We actually have five reasons for that.

It Can Boost Self-Esteem.

A study by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., published in Cyberpsychology Behavior and Social Networking found that viewing and editing your Facebook profile could boost your self-esteem. This research is based on Objective Self-Awareness theory, as reported by Adoree Durayappah, in a Psychology Today article. The theory suggests that people the view the self as both a subject and an object, and that Facebook can be a tool to promote greater self-awareness.

Jeffrey Hancock at Cornell University has published research in the Cyberpsychology Behavior and Social Networking journal which concludes Facebook can have a positive influence on the self-esteem of college students because Facebook by and large, shows a very positive version of ourselves.

For further reading: https://www.psychologytoday.com/


Increase in Productivity


While many may argue that social media networks only distract employees, research shows the opposite may be true.

Research from David Mielach found that a 10-minute Facebook break makes employees happier, healthier and more productive.

The study examined workers in three groups: one that was allowed no breaks, one that was allowed to do anything but use the Internet and one that was allowed 10 minutes to use the Internet and Facebook. The Facebook group was found to be 16 percent more productive than the group that was not allowed to use the Internet and nearly 40 percent more productive than the group that was allowed no breaks.

“Short and unobtrusive breaks, such as a quick surf on the Internet, enables the mind to rest itself, leading to a higher net total concentration for a day’s work, and as a result, increased productivity,” said Brent Coker of the department of management and marketing at the University of Melbourne in Australia.

See more at: http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/


Imagine that, Facebook helps with productivity. Well, it does seem possible, as a happy worker is a busy worker.

Facebook Relieves Stress

I have a love-hate relationship with the Facebook platform.  I know that I need to be on it because I have spent years building a brand with a small, but study group of followers, yet I know it really hasn’t added much to my life in the way of real new friendships or business opportunities.

So, the question remains, if it doesn’t get me new friends or business, why do I spend so much time on the site? Working on a tight deadline today, I was feeling the stress. I needed some relief, but instead of getting up and taking a walk, I logged onto the Facebook site. In an instant, I was into the lives of other people which helped calm my nerves.

I didn’t have a second to spare, yet I still logged onto Facebook. Why would I do that? Because we all need some relief from our stressful lives and with the Internet sites within a click away, we are able to stay in our seat and still venture out of our “stress-zone”, where we can look at pictures of people we like seeing, including ourselves, and read inspirational messages from those that send them our way every day.

Complete article: http://www.chicagonow.com/

There can be no doubt that this is true since Facebook has become our number one pastime. For some, as we’ve mentioned before, it has become staple food. Our day will not be complete without Facebook. Take out Facebook from our lives and we might show withdrawal symptoms.


30 minutes is of course an exaggeration. But make it 4 days, who knows?

Businesses Gain

There have been some great posts on the Econsultancy blog discussing the changing state of Facebook and the reach of organic and promoted content, as well as the options available.  Edwyn Raine recently wrote ‘the combination of a variety of advert formats and a highly affordable media network make it gold dust to reach new customers.’

Essentially it’s a good way to educate potential customers as to your offering.

Pricing is a particular bonus of Facebook advertising as Facebook’s model is to promote good content that customers are interested in. That means, the better your ads perform, the higher click-through rate, and the lower the CPC.

Add to this increasing costs in the uber -competitive AdWords and Facebook is tempting lots of people in to play. First quarter results saw Facebook’s profits at $642m. As you can see from the chart below, ads are Facebook.

Facebook ads

Complete article: https://econsultancy.com/

Facebook has shown us the money. What is great about advertising on Facebook is that you can choose your own demographic. Because a lot of user’s personal information is on Facebook, including location, requesting for a specific kind of audience is easy. That’s why Facebook is king among all other social networks.

And the number one reason why Facebook appeals to adults is…drum roll please…

Improves Love Life

Facebook is also in the business of matchmaking.

Research shows that nearly 60 percent of singles will friend someone new on Facebook after meeting them in person. If they like what they see, 25 percent are likely to contact their new love interest via Facebook.

Once the courting is over, nearly 40 percent of those social networking adults will update their relationship status on Facebook, with just 24 percent telling their friends first.

Facebook use between couples will continue through the dating process, the research shows. Throughout the day, 79 percent of couples said they send partners Facebook messages or chat on the social network. In addition, more than 60 percent would post romantic messages on their significant others’ Facebook wall.

Complete article: http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/
FacebookPhoto credit: http://c1.staticflickr.com/

Yes, that last reason has enough appeal for adults to log in on Facebook. Happy hunting!

Streaming sitesWith so many online video streaming services available for little or no cost, more Americans than ever are choosing to watch or listen to their entertainment online altering the way online streaming is changing. Business owners need to be aware of this so that they can utilize this resource for their marketing strategies.

Free programming with ads

Television networks and cable providers have all been forced to change their business models with the rise of digital media platforms. Many networks have decided to stream many of their programs for free so long as viewers are forced watch a few paid ads. This model has allowed for them to remain profitable in a time with the price of digital information has dropped significantly. Cable television providers have also built in stream online features to encourage customers to continue their traditional cable services.

Ads are Inexpensive and Effective

YouTube adDigital advertising can offer a business a lot more for their advertising dollar than traditional print advertising. There are almost no material costs so more time and energy can be spend making sure their final product looks great.  With more people cutting the cable in recent years, advertising agencies make more by paying big networks less.

Fast solution

Online advertising means a marketing strategy can be implemented faster because the time period for print media is no longer necessary. Advertisers can take advantage of advertising during the most popular programs or time periods for their target demographic with the added benefit of lower or no costs to big networks promoting their products.

Non-Video Ads

While the cost of producing video has went down substantially over the years, it still requires some work and budgeting. You can advertise on streaming website and platforms using still ads rather than video if this is more realistic for you. Some businesses also choose to have sidebar ads on video streaming sights to capture interest. This is sometimes called pay-per-click advertising, although you can opt to just pay a set price for a certain period of time.

Don’t Waste Time and Money on Ineffective Advertising

It is easy to get into an advertising rut. This means a business may not be reaching their intended audience to justify spending on a project. It is important to keep up with advertising trends. Customers have moved beyond receiving advertising from print media. On line streaming will ensure that a business is on the cutting edge.

Gain Website Traffic

Web trafficWhen you advertise using video streaming sites you will encourage viewers to visit your company website, e-store, or Facebook page. This type of engagement can be extremely profitable for your business. The more digital media exposure you have the greater the chance of gaining customers.

Republican debateAs the presidential debates pick up steam and the 2016 election draws near, the American public can hardly contain their excitement about the upcoming debates. Yes, the fever is on, as the most powerful country in the world will have to choose their next president— the most powerful office in the world.

Presidential aspirants from both Democratic and Republican parties will try to impress the voters over the course of several debates covering issues that they hope capture the desire of the people. Determining the issues that the American public feels strongly about is the main factor in this election.

Enter YouTube and Twitter.

The Pulse of the People

Twiter trendIn the social media era, if you want to know popular public opinion, you don’t need to conduct a survey anymore. All you have to do is open your Twitter and YouTube accounts and see what topic is trending. Unlike in the past, the people now have an easy venue to publish their views. Social media is now the venue to know the pulse of the people.

Naturally, politicians will look through the social media to find the issues to bring to the debate arena.  This should keep Presidential candidates up to date on trending issues that are important to the American people.

Alternative Debate Arenas

YouTube politicsAside from the televised debates, the internet is another venue where presidential candidates can continue their arguments. As the internet becomes more intertwined with the daily lives of Americans, it is not surprising that the exchange of ideas and arguments can extend through Twitter and YouTube. Social media is a good platform for debates, because it can reach a wider audience or almost any age and social status.

This is an exciting time for American politics. With the line between conservatives and liberals more solidly drawn, people are turning to social media to explain and defend their beliefs. This means aspiring leaders will have a better venue to find the issues that the people really care about. Digital marketing agencies like eBizUniverse can help leaders create social media campaigns.




Arlingon Heights PoliceWhen an emergency arises and you need help, you would want your fire personnel or police to be there as soon as they can. Thanks to the rise in popularity and ease of use of social media, local police and the fire departments have a very efficient method to receive the information and alert the public.  Agencies are now tracking social media statuses full time to track emergencies.

There are also other ways police and fire personnel are using social media for the benefit of the public they promise to serve and protect.

Public Announcements and Warnings

Facebook warningIn the past, if there was a dangerous criminal on the run, police departments would have limited methods to immediately issue warnings (i.e. interrupting regularly scheduled television programming or 24-7 news radio stations).

With the ease of use of social media, its easy today to warn thousands of people within seconds as people are more glued than ever to their computer screens and mobile phones.  Social media announcements are a quicker way reach to many people. Fire departments use social media the same way too, especially now that forest and brush fires are becoming more common with droughts.

A Venue to Interact with People

Elgin policeThe trust between law enforcement and the public is important. That is why police departments are using various social media platforms in order to interact with people.  This includes Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Better communication between the police and the public encourages trust, which encourages compliance. In the same way, fire department personnel also use social media to talk to people about fire safety, what to do when a fire breaks out, and basic CPR practices.

Dealing with Controversial Issues

With the increasing number of reports about police abuse, law enforcement is using social media to share their side of the story that the mainstream media may have missed. This is very important to restore the people’s faith in law enforcement.

With social media, police and fire personnel are able to provide additional service to the people they serve. Digital marketing agencies like eBizUniverse.com can help police and fire personnel create effective social media pages that connect with their audience.