PinterestPinterest is a fun and innovative way to connect with a broad demographic of customers. Many websites have Pinterest links that make connecting and sharing easier than ever. Here are a few things to consider when planning out your Pinterest marketing campaign.

Pinterest Makes it Easy to Share Content

Customers like to feel connected to a company. Pinterest allows a business to make customers feel that they are in the “inner circle”. A feeling of exclusivity means your customers are more likely to be loyal to your firm.

Great Resource for Artisans and Artists

Pinterest makes it easy to display artwork, crafts, furniture, and other items related to your business. This can all be done on one easy to browse board.

Channel for Feedback

With millions of users, Pinterest is a great way to get feedback from your target demographic. Any photo you share allows your fellow “pinners” to comment or repin the post to their own boards thus expanding your marketing reach.

Easy to Keep Fresh

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to social media marketing of any sort is that fresh content is essential to keeping the interest of your intended audience. Pinterest is easy to use and fast. While building your board can take some time, pinning an item or two a day can be done with a few clicks. This makes it very inexpensive to hire a marketing agency to make sure that you have a hot Pinterest page.

Drive Traffic to Other Channels

web traffic Pinterest captures the eye. It is very good bait that can lead a customer to exploring your business further. Pinterest is one of the top 3 social media networks. Once a customer sees your stunning visuals on Pinterest they might be a lot more likely to click on the link to your website or visit your store.

Staying on Top of Trends

Pintrest is an important tool when it comes to staying abreast of what is going on in a respective industry. Like LinkedIn, it is likely that any competitors a business might have will also have a Pinterest page. This is an invaluable way to make sure that you are not falling behind the latest trends. Contact eBizuniverse today about getting your Pinterest page up to date and gaining you more customers than you thought possible.

Businesses are jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon left and right but before you get caught up in the laid-back style of the site, take a moment to optimize your account for search engines to find! With a few simple tips you can increase your following, your exposure and your referral traffic in no time.

#1. Don’t confuse your audience about who you are.

Your user name can only be 15 characters long and can’t already be in use by another account. If your business name is too long make sure to shorten it to something that is still highly recognizable as your brand. For example, The New York Times was able to snag “NYTIMES” and still remains true to their business name.

#2. Use Your 200 Character “About” Section Wisely.

Here again, space is limited so you will have to strike a delicate balance between conversational description and keyword usage. Being concise will pay off here and luckily there is a separate line for your URL so that it doesn’t account against your character limit.

#3. Don’t forget to add your link to every pin.


Not long ago, Pinterest and other social media accounts switched to “nofollow” links so posting your link all over doesn’t necessarily give you any Google-juice but it does link your content back to your brand and make it easier for customers to find you.

#4. Create rich pin descriptions.

Here is the creative space you’ve been waiting for! Finally, 500 characters of prime Real Estate to make a case for your company. Include good short and long-tailed keywords and make sure to include that URL. A study done by a Hubspot researcher showed that pins with 200+ characters in their description were more likely to get re-pinned.

#5. Use hashtags to make your content more searchable.

Hashtag against a solid white background.

Hashtags are pretty much taking over every social media platform and Pinterest is no exception. Here you can leverage your key words to make your content on Pinterest more searchable.