How To Automatically Generate More Leads and Sales

Thomas Varghese
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Register TODAY for my FREE webinar training where I share my step-by-step “formula” for how I used LinkedIn to generate real revenue month after month.


Tim Conn testimonial

eBizUniverse was very attentive to my requirements and completed the tasks without issue.

-Tim Conn, Image One Facility Services


During This Free Live Training, You Will Learn:

  • How to turn any business site into a lead generation machine. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for years, we’ll show you how to spend just 30 minutes to create the highest converting giveaway we’ve ever seen.
  • The highest-converting landing page + lead magnet we have ever seen. This simple landing page + lead magnet has generated more leads than every other page and lead magnet we have ever tested—even though it only took us 30 minutes to set it up.
  • How to steal our follow-up sequence to turn new subscribers into paying customers (and it only uses four emails!). We’ll give you an insider’s look at each email, and show you how to get more customers to read each email, click every link, and buy more of your products.
  • Why (and how) you can use any piece of content to grow your list. If you’re creating blog posts, podcasts, or any other piece of content for your business, you can use that content to generate leads. We’ll show you a simple 5-minute tweak that makes that possible. (Hint: This one tactic has boosted our site-wide opt-ins from 0.5% to 10%.)
  • Plus, get an insider’s look at Leadpages’ new drag-and-drop landing page builder, and how you can use it to create any kind of landing page you like.