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eBizUniverse is dedicated to helping you grow your business in terms of SEO, Social Media Management, Internet Marketing, and Website Design.

Web Design

In today’s competitive online marketplace, you need more than just an attractive-looking website. You need a website design that’s visually captivating and user-friendly, interactive and has strong marketing capabilities. Our highly-skilled web design team will not only create a website to enhance your brand image, but also help improve your conversions and ROI. Most of all, we build websites visitors enjoy returning to.

Web Development

With over a million business websites, how can your website stand out? A Chicago web development firm, like eBizUniverse, can create a dynamic website that can showcase your services and products; provide excellent user experience and have convenient features that make business processes easier and faster.


An e-commerce solution is software functionality that can be integrated to B2C or B2B solutions, which gives the user the power to manage money transactions online. Partnering with eBizUniverse in conjunction with e-commerce solutions and e-business solutions, it is easy to manage business and online transactions effectively.

Mobile Friendly Design

Did you know that Google now points out mobile-friendly websites during searches? This new development can and will cause your web traffic to plummet if your website is not responsive. eBizUniverse is a Chicago-based company that can convert your website to a mobile-friendly design allowing more customers to reach your brand remotely.

Blog Marketing

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, blogs do not generate immediate leads, which is one of the main reasons people are hesitant to spend resources on this strategy. But always think about the long-term. Your unknown blog might soon become one of the most visited sites. eBizUniverse has a team dedicated to writing your perfect blog to reach people.

Social Media

All it takes for people to know about a product or business is one post. This post will then be shared or passed on by your audience to their own networks. A social media agency, like eBizUniverse, can help you manage your brand online and drive traffic from social networks to your website.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

With access to over 500 million members on the world’s largest and most popular professional network, LinkedIn boosts sales lead generation by allowing sales pros to easily and quickly find the right prospects leading to more sales!

Facebook Advertising

Facebook has more than a billion active users and half of them log in on a daily basis. Through Facebook advertising, you can be sure to reach any target group. You may be the local beauty parlor, restaurant or a Fortune 500 organization, but eBizUniverse will show how to build your brand equity through Facebook advertising.

Software Development

Different companies have different management procedures, and because of this custom software development is a valuable alternative to software products that are already on the market. At eBizUniverse, we offer high quality software development in a cost-effective manner. In order to guarantee customer satisfaction, we also offer prompt 24/7 support to companies around the world.

Video Creation

In today’s world online interaction starts and ends with videos. With people viewing over 3 billion hours of videos on YouTube alone, videos have become a necessity for any company. Get HD quality professional videos created by our team of experienced videographers and video promotion experts to reach new customer markets today!

Video Promotion

Our expert video marketing team will get your video ranked high on search engines for relevant keywords. These keywords are what people are typing in every day into search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. Don’t allow your business to get left behind in the burgeoning online video market, contact us to find out about our highly targeted, high-quality video promotion services today!


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method used to increase the traffic a website receives from search engines. This is done by improving the ranking of a website on a search engine’s results page (SERP). eBizUniverse, a Chicago SEO agency has a team composed of individuals who have years of experience in Search Engine Optimization and Internet marketing.

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