How to make my Business more Eco Friendly

Going green is better for your business in powerful ways. Why make your business eco-friendly? One should pivot towards an eco-friendly office if they want to save the company money and add to the list of features that set you apart from the competition. You can reduce your carbon footprint by contracting Bookingbox for expert advice or working with us to implement real systems of making your business more eco-friendly.

How to make my business more eco-friendly

Reduce water usage

The past decade has seen a rapid increase in dryness over all of North America. Various governing bodies have created ways for better water management for businesses and households. Reducing water use is only one way of combating the encroaching drought. Easy ways to improve water use include:

  • Using an efficient pressure washer for cleaning tasks
  • Fixing spots with water loss, such as dripping taps, plumbing leaks and faulted flow toilets

Control energy footprint

Buildings in the United States use approximately 40% of the country’s resources for standard functions like heating, lighting, and cooling. The drive for better energy use has seen the rise of a rapid energy efficiency system that can reduce up to 80% of the standard energy consumption. Make sure to investigate all the ways of improving your business premise by contacting us for advice on how best to upgrade the insulation, appliances, and solar system.

Recycling electronics

This solution is the most common because it makes a better logical sense for most business owners. E-waste is the fastest-growing sector and amounts to approximately 48.5 million tons of waste each year.  How can my company go green? A business that replaces electronic items like monitors and computers should find a better way of disposing of the old ones, instead of throwing them in the land fill. You can also buy your electronics from manufacturers who have a trade-in program.

Switch to cloud technology

Cloud computing allows staff to share and access data to reduce travel costs, carbon emissions, and printing waste. There is no need for your business to purchase and maintain expensive and electronically intensive servers for your business with the advent of secure cloud solutions. Observers state that all servers in the United States use energy that is equivalent to running five nuclear power plants.

Web hosting with Bookingbox’s solutions is one way of ensuring your energy consumption is within an eco-friendly bracket. How can companies go green and remain profitable? You can create a better carbon footprint and satisfy customers at about the same price as using a hosting server.

Replace high-energy equipment with efficient ones

It is prudent to do an energy check on all equipment to see which ones are of the highest benefit. You will make a balanced choice when you know which of the old appliances do not meet today’s energy ratings. Additionally, a comparison of different devices should reveal which items have the best energy consumption for your business.

Small incremental changes to your business will go a long way in fighting for the planet’s growth in the end. Let us help you maintain the momentum by connecting you with experts who will give you the best solutions to make your business more eco-friendly for a more sustainable future.  


How to make my Business more Eco Friendly
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How to make my Business more Eco Friendly
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