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Linkedin Profile Management

Linkedin Profile Management

What’s the Importance of LinkedIn Profile Management?

Your LinkedIn profile may only seem like the online version of your resume. But that's not the only reason LinkedIn exists. These days, many people turn to LinkedIn for job opportunities. Got a LinkedIn profile but has not received any job invites? You might need to take your profile to the next level!

LinkedIn profile management means allowing a LinkedIn expert to handle your profile so you can build relevant connections. Businesses take advantage of this program because it helps them generate more leads and enjoy more sales.

At eBizUniverse, we believe having a well-managed LinkedIn profile is a must regardless if it's for personal or for business use. One of the digital marketing services we have is LinkedIn Lead Generation. Just see some of the things we can do for you:

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Optimizing your profile involves using relevant keywords so it will be easy to discover. Aside from an appropriate headline, your profile should also have a well-crafted summary. This is your opportunity to tell your story and by having a compelling summary, you might as well attract your prospects.

In case your prospect is already viewing your profile, the person will definitely be impressed by seeing your portfolio. If you have samples that you believe deserves to be shown, feel free to include them in your LinkedIn profile. For writers, web designers, and those working in the creative industry, it's a must to have a portfolio to your profile.

Once all is set, it's time for us to build your connection network. It involves the use of LinkedIn's built-in tools. If you have contacts that you want to import to your account, we can also handle that because that can help in expanding your reach.

Manage Your Connections

We do it going after the target market you provide. If your ideal audience in mind, let's say, are millennials then we can use a combination of filters to make the ad appeal to them. In LinkedIn, there's a thing called Direct Sponsored Content which you can use to reach your targeted audience.

Build Your Engagement

This part is very important for not just for individuals but also for businesses. If you are a business owner and you want more leads, you have to use social media to your advantage. Do note that LinkedIn is considered as a social network so your options are not just limited to Facebook or Twitter.

Publish Your Content

Got an article you want to share with your audience? We can publish that on your behalf. Publishing on LinkedIn is another way to create an engagement with your target audience. This is because your connections will be notified once you published on LinkedIn.

Get Yourself a LinkedIn Profile Management with an Award-Winning Agency

Can't wait to see a better version of your LinkedIn profile? Call us today 1-800-379-2829 for assistance. It's time to give that profile a revamp! You can also submit information about your website and receive a free social media analysis at eBizUniverse.

Linkedin Profile Management
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