Online Marketing

Online Marketing

The 2020 height of Covid forced a lot of businesses to shift their focus to online platforms. Many soon realized they were cutting themselves short by not investing in online marketing and are now avidly learning and working with competent marketers to keep their brands abreast.

Our visitors and clients who come across this content are probably looking to learn a little about digital marketing to find a strategic and practical marketing approach. Our advertising agency will stick by you as you try and navigate the wild marketing world to relegate business unusually with the hope of generating better ROI.

Reasons people love digital marketing.

People owning all kinds of businesses love digital marketing by a Google Ad company because they know its ability to tap into unknown audiences. How is that?

Studies show that 95% of people will look at their mobile phones as soon as they wake up and right before they close their eyes at night. The average person will look at not less than a couple of hundreds of ads each day, and 84% will find something to buy or add to their list of wishes. Using digital marketing is the fastest way to make your sales and beat brands that are still stuck on using billboards and other traditional marketing tools.

A history of marketing and advertising

How did we even get here? Marketing is as old as the universe because the human mind will always gravitate to the shiny object that will serve its ego. The first official documentation of commercial marketing is a 4000 years old Egyptian poster that was one of the many that business owners used to advertise their services and products. Marketing continued to evolve as technology evolved, leading up to the current digital systems that peaked in the 90s. The industry is continuing to evolve to display more of what appeases people and not just a list of products and services to sell.

Types of digital marketing

Website advertising services

The website is the first marketing tool to bring customers to your store; hence you need to include all the features that attract traffic and direct them to your sales. A website marketing scheme will tend to have the following features and tools:

  • Fast speeds so people can skim through and hop onto the next page as fast as they need to.
  • Secure to protect customer details with suitable firewalls and HTTP encryptions
  • A mobile-friendly site that is accessible on multiple platforms
  • A clean and easy site with all the right tools to navigate the entire platform
  • SEO optimization so people can find different content on the first page of the search results


The advertising houses many different services using the following strategies:

  • Social media marketing
  • Paid campaigns
  • YouTube ad campaigns
  • Display ads
  • Google local ads

Email marketing

Email marketing is probably one of the earliest digital marketing tools and still a powerful one among other types. It is essential to work with a digital marketer who will automate the right messages and encourage people to continue viewing your messages as they become loyal customers.

Contact us today so we can give you the roadmap for your digital marketing solutions.


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