Online Reputation Management Agency

Online Reputation Management Agency

EBizuniverse is the place to go for all of your company’s online reputation management’s services. Sometimes we even fix the problems caused by other online management service companies.

90% of us research a product online before deciding to buy. A negative online reputation will decrease the number of sales your company gets and, eventually, put you out of business. Companies with a negative online reputation lose up to $2 million every year in sales. It only takes 1 negative blurb to cast doubt over your company. The team at EBizuniverse will teach you how to turn around a bad online reputation. Online reputation management has 3 basic steps; monitor the online feedback your business gets, work to build trust in your brand and suppress or at least decrease the number of negative search results.

Your company will be on the 1st page of Google and other search engines when EBizuniverse is put in charge of online reputation management. We will make your company’s information new and trustworthy to get quicker online traction. EBizuniverse knows how to demote negative search results to the 2nd or 3rd page, if not lower. At EBizuniverse our content writers, search engine optimization experts and online reputation management experts will work together to polish your company’s online reputation.

Revenue can go up 9% for your business with a 1 star improvement in company ratings. EBizuniverse uses a 7 step system to improve a company’s online reputation.

• Online Brand Assessment 1st our team needs to look at where your online brand stands and how the negative reputation has contributed.

• Strategize Plan Then we come up with a plan and share it with you. You will be updated every 2 weeks about what was done and how well it worked. With our help, your brand will move up the search engine ladder.

• Own Your Website: Using another person’s website domain or a free website builder can discredit your business. Use your own company’s name for the website.

• Local Directories List: Get your business listed on the over 100 directory lists available. Each listing should include your company’s name, contact information, business address, hours of operation and customer testimonials.

• Social Media: Social media is an essential and required element of keeping your company’s reputation above water. Be sure to post something every day to draw customers’ attention to your company. Educate the public on what your company does and how you help people.

• Use and Publish Video Platforms: Video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo are another necessary tool to boost your company’s reputation. Title your videos appropriately. Also be sure to use the right keyword(s). Optimized videos will raise your profile on Google.

• Virtual Business Cards: Use a trusted website, such as, to create virtual business cards. You can also create them on your IPhone using an App such as FreeContact. On it create your profile, upload content and videos and links to your social media pages.

For more information call 1-800-379-2829 or send us a message on the contact page. You can also get a free and instant search engine optimization audit score for your company’s website.

Online Reputation Management Agency

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