Online Reputation Repair

Online Reputation Repair

Bad reviews and negative comments can cause a poor online reputation. Eventually, this will ruin the online reputation you have struggled to build for your business, over the years. To improve your sales number again, you need to repair your online reputation or build a good one. For your online reputation repair, eBizUniverse is the ideal company to turn to.

We are an award-winning digital marketing company with several years of experience in online reputation management and repair. Our online reputation repair services at eBizUniverse offer an ideal way to help repair the bad online reputation of your business and retain a positive online image. With this, you can improve your chances of securing lucrative business deals, attracting business associates and clients.

How Can You Repair A Bad Online Reputation?

A bad online reputation can be very damaging. While the short-term repercussion may manifest in the form of loss of revenue, a damaged online reputation can eventually send a brand out of business. It is important, therefore, that you repair a bad online reputation as early as possible. How exactly can you do that? Here are specific ways to repair a bad online reputation:

  • Identify the Root Cause of the Problem – The very first step to take is to identify the root of your online woes. Depending on the cause, you can devise the right strategy to fix it.
  • Apologize If Necessary – If you or anyone on your team is responsible for a negative comment or review, apologize for any wrongdoing and offer solutions. This alone can improve your image.
  • Take Down Negative Comments When Appropriate – In some instances, it is possible to take down negative contents about your brand. It may be hard to remove but make the effort first. When you correct an issue from the source, you can submit a content removal request to Google.
  • Push Down Negative Content You Can't Remove – In instances where you can't completely remove a negative content or search result, you can make efforts to push it down. You can create and/or optimize your social profiles or a blog and own your SEO.
  • Earn Good Reviews – You can also repair a bad online reputation by earning good reviews from your customers and clients. This can effectively offset complaints and push down negative search results. Avoid the temptation to buy online reviews as it can backfire.

How Do You Improve Your Online Reputation?

To improve your online reputation, you need to fully embrace online reputation management. This basically involves crafting strategies that will help you maintain a good reputation online. Some specific things you can do to achieve this include:

  • Ask your customers/clients to leave reviews
  • Expand your online presence to control the conversation
  • Respond to complaints and offer solutions
  • Partner with social influencers
  • Monitor your online reputation regularly
  • Hire a reputable digital marketing company to help you with online reputation management.

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Online Reputation Repair

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