Reputation Management Chicago

Reputation Management Chicago

For online reputation management in Chicago, contact eBiz Universe. eBiz Universe is a trusted reputation management/digital marketing firm serving Chicago, Illinois, and Northwest Indiana. When your reputation is on the line, only an experienced professional can help. Still, there are some things that you can do yourself to protect your reputation. Remember, the best reputation management strategy is a proactive one.

How to Deal with Negative Online Reviews

If you do business online long enough, you will get some bad reviews. It's not a matter of 'if,' it's a matter of 'when?' Even if you provide a flawless product or service, there is bound to be someone who eventually has a bad experience or less-than-ideal experience with you.

The frustrating part, from a business owners end, is that satisfied customers will never leave a review, but angry customers will go out of their way to let their voices be heard. One proactive solution to dealing with negative reviews is to give your satisfied customers something free or even just a 10% discount if they post a positive review about your company on social media or a review site and show it to you. Do this enough times, and it won't matter when you get a negative review because you'll have many, many positive reviews already.

How to Deal with Bad Press and Publicity

Sometimes, businesses get bad press. When this happens, it could cripple an enterprise's operations and put them out of business permanently. That's where eBiz Universe comes in.

Rather than accepting negative publicity, you must respond to it properly and use proven strategies to suppress the negative publicity and promote positive publicity in its place. Let's say a doctor who has dedicated his entire career to saving others gets arrested for a DUI. Let's say a reputed local restaurant has a salmonella outbreak. The negative coverage could put each out of business, but we can counteract the negative publicity with positive publicity.

In situations like these, eBiz Universe will come in and help you tell the full story that accurately depicts who you are. Further, sometimes, just showing the steps you've taken to rectify a problem could be all that's needed. For instance, in the case of the restaurant with salmonella, they can go on media explaining what they've done to make sure that their food is now safe. Likewise, a company with a bad review from an angry client can simply respond to the review by saying, "We're very sorry about your unfortunate experience with us. Please contact ___ at [email protected] to speak with us directly about your problem. We want to make it right with you." This shows other who read the review that you care about the experience that your customers have with you.

Food Service and Lodging Industries

When you're in the foodservice and or lodging industry, you will get subpar reviews. Again, the best way to counteract these negative reviews and negate their negative impact on your business is to plan ahead and expect it. Make sure you have plenty of positive reviews already when the negative reviews come. This way, the negative reviews are outweighed by the positive ones.

In the meantime, contact eBiz Universe for reputation management in Chicago. We provide proactive and reactive reputation management services.

Reputation Management Chicago

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