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If you don't employ a team member who's an expert at SEO in Chicago, what in the world are you waiting for? Without excellent website optimization, nobody is likely to find your website when they search the Internet for your kind of product, service or information.

Back when e-commerce websites were first starting out, many business owners learned to do their own SEO. In fact, may nascent businesses made their own websites, as well. Times have changed, however, and today's algorithms and massive competition make SEO a more complex proposition than it was in the long-ago 1990s.

A very brief history of search engines

Archie, Veronica and Jughead are more than just the names of goofy comic book characters. These three names also belonged to some of the very first search engines. Nowhere near as efficient as 21st century Google, this trio of rudimentary search engines of the 1990s were capable of searching and indexing files for downloading.

It didn't take long for newer, more advanced search engines to come along. Some of the better known of these early search tools were Alta Vista, Lycos and the World Wide Web Worm. Never heard of them? That's because these baby search engines became obsolete with the advent of Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines. SEO Chicago had to keep up, or the newer, better search engines wouldn't notice them at all.

Today, most people open an Internet search engine every time they want to find a particular service, product or information database. These people, also known as “users” typically type a word or phrase into Google or another search engine query bar. Within seconds, the engine returns a ranked list of web pages that fit the descriptive “keyword” the user typed in. The pages that are more relevant as far as Google is concerned come in at the top of the first results page. These top-ranked sites are the ones most visited, say SEO Chicago experts.

Of course, great SEO in Chicago is not all we do at eBizUniverse. If you need a brand new website or desire a refreshed look and feel to your extant site, eBizUniverse is the local Chicago company to call on. We also manage social media marketing along with a range of proven get-business tactics and techniques that will boost traffic to your website.

We are happy to provide great references

If you're wary of hiring us today, please take a look at some of our contented clientele. EbizUniverse does great things for great companies, and we can boost your brand, too. We wouldn't have clients such as Mattress Firm, EON Clinics, Chicago Public Schools and South Shore Hospital, if we didn't provide superior SEO in Chicago.

When you are ready to know more about all of the wonderful things that SEO in Chicago can do to build your brand and boost your online reputation, give eBizUniverse a call at 1-800-379-2829 and ask us anything.

Seo Chicago

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