Instagram Influencer Marketing Stats

Instagram Influencer Marketing Stats

The top Instagram influencer marketing stats are absolutely shocking and remarkable at the same time. Influencer marketing statistics have impressed many experts in dozens of professional industries.

At Shirley, our experts are often asked, “How popular is influencer marketing?” Influencer marketing facts have been all over the place, but the one thing that remains clear is that it is a path worth exploring.

Ten Influencer Marketing Stats 2020

  1. Seventy Percent of Teens Trust Influencers the Most

Once upon a time, teenagers looked to celebrities to influence them. Times have dramatically changed. Fast forward to the modern era, and you will find that four in ten millennials put more faith in their internet influencers than famous celebrities.

  1. Eighty Six Percent of Women Utilize Social Media for Purchasing Advice

A whopping eighty six percent of American females turn to social medial to find advice towards potential purchases. Women admit to being forty five percent more active on social media than they have been in the past.

  1. Forty Nine Percent of Shoppers Depend on Recommendations of Influencers

Web influencers have more power over the world than they have knowledge of. The recommendations of online influencers play a huge role in the shopping habits of forty five percent of shoppers. After seeing a product on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, consumers are forty percent more likely to buy it.

  1. Over Fifty Percent of Teens Prefer Influencers Over Celebrities

Teens today prefer to listen to the advice and guidance of internet influencers rather than celebrities. While celebrities played a vital role in the past, their influence is not as strong on today’s youth.

  1. Nineteen Percent of Purchase are Influenced by Facebook

Facebook is the most influential social marketing channel used by adults ages eighteen to thirty five. Facebook posts influence nineteen percent of all purchases made by this age group.

  1. Twitter has the Least Influential Power

Twitter only has two percent influential power over the choices of consumers. Surprisingly, more consumers turn to the reviews and recommendations of other social media outlets.

  1. Men Prefer YouTube

Thirty three percent of men are influenced by reviews found on YouTube. When it comes to electronic purchases, thirty four percent of men prefer blog reviews for buying advice. Men are twice as likely to buy a product they have seen reviewed on YouTube. Only fifteen percent of women find themselves influenced by YouTube reviews.

  1. Social Media Animals have Fans

Online celebrity animals that endorse specific products influence over thirty percent of pew owners. Pets have been found to be a useful tool in marketing to brands that focus on pet care.

  1. Tweets do Work

Studies have shown that brands can improve their purchase intent by nearly three times by producing engaging tweets via Twitter. Influencer marketing statistics like this demonstrate that Twitter can be an effective outlet.

  1. Follower Numbers Matter

People under the age of twenty four are twice as likely to take the follower count of an influencer into consideration before following their recommendations. Consumers over forty five trust brand names more than influencers.

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