Top Gaming Influencers

Top Gaming Influencers

Who are the top gaming influencers? Getting recognized by the right influencers will help promote your video game, and we are the company to help you. Contact us at CloutBoost.

What Makes Us Special?

We use data mining, meaning we search vast databases to generate new information for our clients.

What is data mining, and how does it work? Data mining is the process we use to obtain applicable data from a more significant set of unprocessed data using specialized software. Data mining is also known as KDD or Knowledge Discovery. We use this method to identify associations and patterns. By analyzing these associations and patterns, we can help you make better marketing decisions. Data mining can point out sales trends and predict customer loyalty.

Data mining allows us to determine who the top gaming influencers are and how we can help your video game get noticed by them. We can help you not only get seen but help with negotiating and enlisting the help of the top gaming influencers. We can use our connections and match game developers with the top gaming influencers in their target audience. With the proper promotion plan, your recognition and sales will escalate quickly.

Our company is located in Mountain View, California—Silicon Valley. We are wholly engaged in data science and technology. We know how to negotiate the best deals with top gaming influencers and use prediction algorithms to help save you from undesirable surprises.

What Services Do We Offer?

Influencer Campaign Management

Getting the best influencer for your particular video game can be difficult and take a considerable amount of time. We will reach out and negotiate with the right influencer for your game. Our customer service managers are motivated by incentives to ensure your campaign performs as well as possible, and our service managers have created long term relationships with influencers and brands.

Ambassador Program

If you are going to launch a new game or build a community around an already existing game, we can help you with our ambassador program. We will select and recruit the influencers that are best suited for your game and structure a rewards system and manage the entire campaign in real-time. When the top gaming influencers in your video game genre are helping create a player base, the new game or existing one will achieve positive results.

Influencer Audience Re-targeting

We can help brands and advertisers reach the most suitable audience. On YouTube, we can re-target content from the Google ecosystem, which includes Google Search.

Influencer Marking Consulting

If you are new to influencer marketing and don't have a clue where to begin, we can help. We will teach you about influencer targeting, how to reach out to an influencer, and price negotiations. We have a team of experts that will work with you.  They will help you learn how to navigate your space. They will also help you learn how to create compelling content and allocate your marketing resources.

Let CloutBoost help you work with the top gaming influencers on YouTube and Twitch. Our proven data specific campaigns will help get your brand recognition. Contact us today and see how we can help.

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