Five Google Chrome Extensions that will Increase Productivity by 300%

Ever since the evolution of humans and science, we have all been on a quest for achieving high productivity and efficiency in our daily chores. No one has ever been able to hack the code for maximum efficiency and productivity. The internet itself has taken on a different shift in becoming a major source of effectiveness within the workplace.

However, there are a few things that might help us to ace our performance and that of the internet. Many people do not realize that the key to better performance at work is hidden within a particular internet browser.

Google Chrome.

The secret to getting more work done in a few hours and more efficiently lies in the cool add-ons and extensions of Chrome. Because of increased traffic and population on the internet, As the internet grows, so does Chrome and the available extensions,

Below are the top five Chrome extensions that promise to increase your productivity and the level of your work by a considerable number.

Website Blocker

chrome-websiteblocker-300x188Procrastination is what keeps you from focusing on your work and hinders your productivity. This first extension (website blocker) is a must because it keeps you distraction-free from non-work related websites (at least for part of the day).

This extension allows the user to block any unwanted website for a specific period of time. For instance, say your company is open 9-5. Any website you don’t want employees visiting will be blocked during that time. Website Blocker has been rated 4 out of 5 by users.  Download the extension from Google’s extension homepage.

✔ Block the URL including the specified character string.
✔ Block only between the specified time.
✔ You can change the warning message.
✔ You can switch ON/OFF of each function.


chrome-ginger-300x182Grammatical mistakes and misspelled words may not allow you to perform quickly and efficiently when you have a work due in a few hours. This is possibly the coolest and most helpful Chrome extension as it performs beyond the traditional ways of checking your work online. It looks for any discrepancies in your work and underlines any content that may be not suitable or relevant for the content.

The extension includes a full set of features to ensure that you make the most out of all of your written communications: As the world’s #1 proofreader, this extension is equally suited for both native and non-native English speakers.  Download the extension from Google’s extension homepage.

Google Similar Pages

chrome-similarpages-300x183Researchers love this extension and it is a definite must-have add-on for Chrome. It not only saves time typing and researching different keywords, but it also ensures frustration-free research gaining maximum productivity. It helps you look and navigate through similar pages about the topics you are looking for.

You can quickly preview and explore other pages that are similar to the one you are browsing — on the fly. When you click the Similar Pages button, your browser will send a search query to Google to see if there are any similar pages for the page you are viewing. The data related to the query will be handled as described in Google’s privacy policy.  Rated 4 of out 5 stars from users.  Download the extension from Google’s extension homepage.


chrome-todoist-300x189This sleek todo extension keeps you organized, focused, and more productive.  It assigns a website to Chrome and commands it to open automatically whenever the browser is opened. The URL to the desired website is saved and you can get back to your work where you left earlier.

Featured by TechCrunch, New York Times, Lifehacker, ReadWriteWeb, and many others, Todoist works beautifully across all your devices (desktop, web browser, e-mail client, and mobile) so you can boost productivity and do more each day.

It is rated 4.5 stars out of 5 and is highly popular among users for its usage and effectiveness.  Download the extension from Google’s extension homepage.

Google Mail Checker

chrome-mailchecker-300x185Like the other extensions aforementioned, this too works by the principle of saving time to increase your productivity. This is highly recommended for anyone who receives and sends mails on a daily basis, and is a great way of knowing about your unread messages without clicking on tabs again and again.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars by users, this is a must have extension for the browser!  Download the extension from Google’s extension homepage.

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