The Future of Internet Marketing

In the last few weeks we’ve read numerous articles from people around the country via Facebook and Twitter voicing their opinion about where internet marketing is going so we thought our two cents can be thrown into the mix.

The future of marketingFor several years we at eBizUniverse have been helping small to medium sized businesses put their name on the map (i.e. Google, Yahoo!, Yelp, etc) so that people searching for their product can more easily locate the product(s) and place an order. Our most popular requested service is converting outdated HTML/CSS websites to a fully responsive WordPress platform making it easier and quicker than ever to launch a brand new website. We’ve found that in the last few years this demand has shifted more towards mobile optimization. Why is that? Because more and more people are using their mobile device to view websites, conduct research, and order products.

Another shifting trend is the advancement of social media platforms to do everything like contact friends without speaking, post what you ate for lunch or your plans that night, and the ability to upload product ads to market your business. Postal service marketing is all but dead due to high costs, and e-mail marketing is dying because of the ever present spam threat. So, why not utilize a platform that millions of Americans use multiple times per day and connect with people within seconds instead of hoping an e-mail or letter is opened?

Last but certainly not least, the evolution of social video. Ever hear of Instavid, Snapchat, or Hyperlapse? Don’t worry, if you haven’t, you will. You have heard what a blog is and who a blogger is, right?. But do you know what a vlog is? Or a micro-vlogger? Both of these trends are growing exponentially as these apps are attracting high school and college students each week. We know 160 characters is nowhere near leaving us, but for some a video selfie might catch someone’s attention quicker.

As we progress into the latter days of January, take a second to see what you could improve on regarding internet marketing. Chances are pretty high that our talented staff can help you succeed in the digital world. If you’re still unsure, give us a call today and speak with an eBizRepresentative – let us know what your goals are and how you’d want to achieve those goals in your mind.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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