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August Newsletter from EbizUniverse. Google Business profile now has a new link!


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Google is known for testing out something new every now and then. This time around, the search engine giant is testing a new link option on Google Business Profile.

It was recently noted that Google has added a “View as customer” option to the Google Business Profile web search dashboard. This link is meant to allow businesses to see how the changes they make to their business listings may appear from a customer’s perspective.

Here’s a look at where this link is supposed to show up on the dashboard:


view of the google profile links and the new view as customer button.


Our Takeaway

Although this link isn’t yet visible for all business profiles, we are sure most of the businesses out there would like to know what their customers see for their listing and how they can improve this picture. Especially when not many business owners know that they can still get an idea by using incognito mode and searching for their business.

To know more, check out the forum discussion on Twitter.


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sectoin to faq magi: let google do the talking for you business!


In the bustling digital landscape, it’s all about staying ahead and making life a tad easier, right? Enter the latest from Google Business Profiles: an automated FAQ feature. No more wracking your brain or spending precious time crafting those FAQs! Google’s stepping in, using the details from your profile and website to auto-generate them. It’s like having a mini content assistant at your fingertips.

The cherry on top? Customization. You’re not just handed a set of generic questions. Instead, you get to guide Google on which parts of your profile to use. Whether it’s about your operating hours, how to book an appointment, or the nitty-gritty of your delivery options, you’re in the driver’s seat.

Props to Darcy Burk for spotting this gem and giving us the heads up on Twitter. And just to clear any potential mix-ups, this isn’t a sequel to the automated FAQs for messaging we saw a year ago.


add FAQs custom overlay selection screen


So, have you had a chance to play around with this new feature? Are you as excited as we are to integrate it? Embracing this automated FAQ power can truly elevate your Google Business Profile, making it a more engaging and informative hub for potential customers.

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section 3 header know googles updated url structure guideline


Did you know, recently, Google updated its URL structure guidelines to specify what characters Google Search supports in URLs! In this article, we will learn about the changes made by Google.
Google says, “Google supports URLs as defined by RFC 3986. Characters defined by the standard as reserved must be percent-encoded. Unreserved ASCII characters may be left in the non-encoded form. Additionally, characters in the non-ASCII range should be UTF-8 encoded.”

Google has recommended several examples of URLs using UTF-8 encoding, which you can see here, along with what Google doesn’t recommend.

Further, they have explained how to resolve the problems related to URLs, which states:

Resolve problems related to URLs

To avoid potential problems with URL structure, we recommend the following:

  • Create a simple URL structure. Consider organizing your content so that URLs are constructed logically and in a manner that is most intelligible to humans.
  • Consider using a robots.txt file to block Googlebot’s access to problematic URLs. Typically, consider blocking dynamic URLs, such as URLs that generate search results, or URLs that can create infinite spaces, such as calendars. Using regular expressions in your robots.txt file can allow you to easily block large numbers of URLs.
  • Wherever possible, avoid the use of session IDs in URLs. Consider using cookies instead.
  • If upper and lower case text in a URL is treated the same by the web server, convert all text to the same case so it is easier for Google to determine that URLs reference the same page.
  • Whenever possible, shorten URLs by trimming unnecessary parameters.
  • If your site has an infinite calendar, add a nofollow attribute to links to dynamically created future calendar pages.
  • Check your site for broken relative links.

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