5 Steps to ​Build a Stellar Online Reputation for Your Brand or Local Business

 LIVE Webinar:

​Thursday, July ​12th 2018

12p Eastern | 11am C​entral | 9am Pacific

​During this free webinar, you will learn:

  • 1
    ​An understanding of what online reputation is and why it matters
  • 2
    ​Understanding your audience and how to build a reputable and profitable brand. 
  • 3
    ​Tips on how to build a Stellar Online Reputation 
  • 4
    ​Online Reputation - Devastating mistakes to avoid. 
  • 5
    2 Common mistakes that most local businesses make, yet can be easily avoided.
  • 6
    What to do when your online reputation is attacked
  • 7
    I have been Yelped! How to fix it.
  • 8
    ​Specific tactics for improving the reputation of local businesses
  • 9
    ​Get ​reviews ​for ​your ​business on ​autopilot; ​see examples below

Webinar host:

Thomas Bibby Varghese

​Thomas Bibby Varghese is the CEO and Founder of eBizUniverse, Inc., an award winning Digital Marketing Company based in Chicago, IL. eBizUniverse specializes in developing online marketing strategies with powerful lead generation techniques to get you more customers from the internet.

Thomas was recognized as the Digital Marketing Pro of the year in 2017 by US congressman Danny K. Davis for his outstanding work and service to the business community in Chicagoland.

​Thursday, July ​12th 2018

12p Eastern | 11am C​entral | 9am Pacific

​Examples of Businesses Using the Autopilot Review System:

​Business #1 - Chicago Controls

​Here's a screenshot of the reviews, taken before the "review hack" was implemented:

As you can see, the business had 1 review on April 10th.

Now, take a look at the screenshot after we implemented the "system".

22 reviews in just 2 months.

​Business #2 - ​Medical spa

​ Here's the screenshot after the system was implemented; the med spa now has a total of 40 5-star reviews. 

100% on autopilot.
100% real customers.

​Thursday, July ​12th 2018

12p Eastern | 11am C​entral | 9am Pacific

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