The Schiele Group began as a single print shop opened by Henry Schiele in 1948. The company was outfitted with two printing presses and served the needs of local residents. Today, The Schiele Group is a major company thanks to the integration of eight printing companies and modern technology who services much of the Midwest.

Based in Elk Grove Village, IL, the Schiele Group specializes in graphic design, direct mail, and wide format printing services. Individual project services include bindery, brochures, sales kits, vehicle graphics and letter, on-demand printing, and one-to-one marketing. As one of the largest printing companies in the Chicago area, the Schiele Group consistently delivers high-quality products using superior equipment and up-to-date printing technologies. The company’s reputation is well known in the Midwest and beyond, thanks in part to its clients including Comcast, the White Sox, and the Blackhawks.

Even as the company has expanded, however, the Schiele Group never lost sight of the essentials. The Schiele Group prides itself on superior customer service, with personalized attention given to each individual project. This strong mission statement has seen The Schiele Group through over 65 years of business, but they wanted to reach bigger. In 2014, Schiele Group staff reached out to the internet in search of a company who could build their online social media profiles.

The Challenge
Despite their well-known clientele and expansive operating base, the Schiele Group wanted to expand both their sales reach and their portfolio. As a paper-based company, the Schiele Group was clearly well versed in the power of print advertising and marketing. Although e-commerce and digital marketing were not completely foreign markets, the company needed assistance gaining ground in this area.

Digital marketing can offer countless benefits to companies of any size, including printing companies such as the Schiele Group. For example, digital marketing:

• Is cost-effective
• Is multi-platform
• Reaches a wider audience
• Shares content in real time
• Can be easily personalized
• Can be delivered to targeted audiences

One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing is the ability to reach hundreds or thousands of people with a single click or upload. This allows a company to expand its sales reach without overtaxing its advertising budget. Such types of digital marketing include content shared across websites, email newsletters, and social media networks, as well as in Internet-based videos or multimedia presentations. For some companies, however, digital marketing is more effective when executed on a personal level. This can include connecting with clients on profiles, forums, or networks such as Google+ and LinkedIn.

After performing extensive research online for a reputable company, staff came upon eBizUniverse based in Schaumburg IL. eBizUniverse is a team with deep experience in digital marketing: social media, internet marketing (SEO/PPC), web design, mobile apps and Information Technology Solutions.

Unfortunately, staff at The Schiele Group were not familiar with using such social media platforms and therefore needed proper training and guidance in order to fully understand and operate these platforms. With each staff member having a different level of expertise, eBizUniverse decided upon a training seminar dedicated to teaching Schiele Group staff the benefits of social media.

Our Solution
In order to expand their portfolio and grow their sales reach, The Schiele Group first considered performing digital marketing internally. With limited success, eBizUniverse was brought on to advance the digital marketing efforts with the goal of generating leads for sales reps. With recommendations from eBizUniverse, The Schiele Group agreed to develop a digital networking presence beginning with their LinkedIn accounts, and attend a training seminar dedicated to assisting employees with navigating the social media platform. eBizUniverse would then help sales staff connect with potential clients, increase Schiele brand recognition, build company credibility, and boost website traffic.

To begin the relationship, eBizUniverse took a hands-on approach to helping the Schiele Group make the most of their LinkedIn profiles. Taking place during a two hour course led by a certified LinkedIn instructor, the sales reps of Schiele learned how to optimize their personal profile using keywords, upload a clean and crisp profile image, and connect with prospects, engage them and generate sales opportunities for the company.

At the conclusion of the training course, eBizUniverse further optimized accounts and began the task of combing LinkedIn for potential sales leads. Additional Schiele Group sales representatives later signed up for the same service via eBizUniverse. With this addition, guidelines were written and set in to prevent multiple sales reps contacting the same prospect.

In addition to this eBizUniverse also engaged in actively managing the LinkedIn profile of top sales executives on a daily basis with the goal of generating leads and sales opportunities.

The Results
Today, the solutions implemented by eBizUniverse earned The Schiele Group seven new customers, has generated over several thousand dollars in revenue, and overall LinkedIn activity has increased by over 300%. All in a short span of 3-4 months.

Of the fifteen people within the sales department, five were active. Today, that number has increased to twelve. Two of the fifteen account profiles are fully optimized and are actively managed by eBizUniverse in close communication with the profile owners. The remaining employees now have a much better understanding how to utilize LinkedIn for their needs, and properly navigate the platform in order to network with and find sales opportunities.

LinkedIn Usage Increase

Number of LinkedIn Users