Mobile Users Rule the World Wide Web

Attention businesses: mobile users rule the Internet.

Most websites, search engines, and social media platforms are bending over backwards to engage and appease mobile users who visit their web browsers. Here are four ways that mobile users rule the World Wide Web:

Taking Over YouTube

YouTubeAccording to YouTube’s press page of statistics, the site has over one billion users (that’s with a ‘b‘). YouTube visitors watch hundreds of millions of hours of videos every day, and an unbelievable 300 hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute. Additionally, half of the total YouTube videos each day are on mobile devices. Smartphone users are taking advantage of the mobile application, which makes searching for, saving, and sharing videos simple. Plus, showing a video to another friend in person is a social activity in and of itself.

Driving New Google Updates

GoogleIn April 2015, Google used its blog to announce the arrival of a new, mobile-friendly update. This update helps mobile users find relevant results without winding up on pages that require zooming or tapping or include unplayable content. The update rewards mobile-friendly websites with a boost in search engine rankings, a key component in any business’s ability to generate and convert leads.

The update also penalizes websites who are not mobile friendly.

Encouraging Social Media Platforms

Facebook and Twitter are desktop-based platforms that have been mobile-friendly for ages. Today, it seems that all social media applications must develop mobile capabilities in order to survive. In addition, more and more new social media platforms are being designed specifically with mobile usage in mind.

Increasing Amounts of Mobile Applications

itunesThe Apple App Store has surpassed over 100 billion mobile app downloads since its release in 2008. Although games such as Angry Birds and Clash of Clans remain popular, mobile applications are used for everything from gaming to online shopping. Smartphone users can listen to music, keep a food journal, deposit checks through mobile banking, master countless yoga poses, and do nearly anything else imaginable. In fact, many new apps are designed to increase productivity by tracking a user’s mobile activity and letting him or her know where time might be wasted.

At this rate, it seems clear that the more we access the web on the go, the more accessible the sites we use will become!

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