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It is a sad state when someone’s online reputation is tarnished. Your online reputation is something that lives with you forever. When someone’s online reputation is damaged online, it can be repaired by using tactics called Online Reputation Repair or Management. However, in certain situations, repairing one’s online reputation alone wont wont cut it as you might have already suffered damage as a result of the negative content published online. In those cases, you might have to find legal help to get the compensation you deserve if your online reputation was damaged. Often times a judge or jury will consider the damage that was done to your online reputation when weighing cases. This is when the services of an online reputation expert witness comes into play. An online reputation management expert will be asked to evaluate the damage that was done to your digital reputation. You want to make sure you hire the right online reputation expert witness with experience in Online Reputation Management (ORM) cases. The reputation management expert witness should be able to clearly explain and show how your reputation was affected and the extent of the damage.

Thomas’ Expert Witness Testimony results in $1.25 Million Settlement

Thomas B. Varghese CEO of eBizUniverse has appeared as an expert witness in cases where damage to one’s Online Reputation was considered. His expert witness deposition was weighed heavily in a high profile case involving Dr. Lawrence Crosby that ended up settling for $1.25 million due to the online reputation damages.

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The internet reputation of this individual was damaged as a result of a false arrest which was published on hundreds of articles and videos on the internet. Thomas was able to clearly articulate and show the extent of damage to the person’s online reputation as a result of the news articles and videos. This was a high profile case that involved huge media attention and is possibly the largest settlement ever in a reputation damage and repair related case to date.

As the world’s leading online reputation expert, he is invited to speak at several seminars every year regarding reputation management. He also speaks widely on subjects related to online reputation and how a business or individual can have a stellar online reputation.

Online Reviews Expert Witness

Hit with negative reviews and seeking an expert witness?

With the existence review sites like YELP, Google Reviews, Yahoo Local, Angie’s list, Merchant Circle, BBB etc. it has become easy for customers and competitors to leave reviews for a business. Anyone can create a fake profile and leave a fake review.  This means your competitor can easily create a few profiles and start writing negative reviews about your business. If you’re on the receiving end of this brutal assault, don’t think there is no solution. If you need help combating negative reviews left by someone against your business, don’t be a helpless victim and succumb to defeat. There are ways we can get this resolved. Thomas has been called upon to testify in multiple cases where a competitor left bad reviews. During the deposition, he was able to articulate how these reviews in fact did affect the bottom line of these businesses.

Online Reputation Expert Witness | Online Reputation Speaker Thomas B Varghese Digital Marketing Speakers
Thomas B. Varghese at The Press Conference Answering Questions Pertaining to Dr. Crosby's Settlement

Online Reviews Expert Witness Testimonial

$201,000 in Damages Awarded for False Online Reviews as a result of Thomas’ testimony

In this case, a local business was subject to negative reviews posted on more than one online review site. The business owner decided to sue the online reviewer. Thomas was called on as the expert witness to represent the plaintiff and was deposed. He was able to articulate the damage that was caused by the negatives reviews to the online reputation of the local business and also explain how those negative reviews impacted the bottom line of the local business. His testimony was crucial in winning the jury verdict against the plaintiff.

Negative Reviews and Internet Defamation

Often times an individual or a business can fall victim to online disparaging by their competitors or customers. These are often in the form of negative reviews on any of the online review sites, blogging on any of the common blog platform, social media comments etc. While these may seem to be trivial, these have detrimental consequences if left unchecked. An attorney relies on an expert witness to uncover the extent of the damage. Our expert witness services includes a thorough analysis of the damage done to your client. Our expert researchers are able to do extensive analysis and produce a report that will outline the extent of the damages and potential financial loss that your client is facing.

Press Conference Announcing The Settlement

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Expert Witness for Yelp Negative Reviews, Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews

Consumers make buying decisions these days based on the online reviews of a business. For example: If you’re a restaurant, most of your potential customers are going to search your reviews on Yelp to read through experiences of your past customers. If you’re a doctor, dentist or a medical professional, Google reviews are significant in a potential new patient deciding to do business with you. This is why it is important to deal with potential negative reviews on any of these platforms.

Reputation Management Speaker

Thomas speaks at several events regarding online reputation and online marketing. He is sought after for his expertise in reputation repair and management and speaks at chamber events, expos, seminars and webinars. The online reputation management topic 5 Steps to build a stellar online reputation for Your Brand or Business (scroll down to see details on this topic)is a favorite among the audiences and has received rave reviews.  He is known for his informative content and can lighten up the audience with his interactive speaking skills.

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Reviews from attendees:

“He engaged the audience and was charming” 

“The speaker was not just good, he was very good and informative and kept our attention the whole time he spoke”

Thank you for coming (to speak) to our seminar, the topic was very valuable and needed”

If you’d like Thomas to speak at an event or if you are looking for expert witness services, please call us at 1-800-379-2829 and talk to us to find out more or contact us here.

News Articles Related to the Lawrence Crosby settlement:

Attorney Tim Touhy speaks about his online reputation (starts from 7:00)

Reputation Management Topic for Seminars and Webinars:

5 Steps to build a stellar online reputation for Your Brand or Business

  • An understanding of what online reputation is and why it matters
  • Understanding your audience and how to build a reputable and profitable brand
  • Tips on how to build a Stellar Online Reputation
  • Online Reputation – Devastating mistakes to avoid
  • Specific tactics for improving the reputation of local businesses
  • 2 Common mistakes that most local businesses make, yet can be easily avoided
  • What to do when your online reputation is attacked
  • How to come back strong after a reputation attack, defuse negative search results and cleaning up the mess
  • I have been Yelped! How to fix it
  • Case Studies of Online Reputation Repair
  • Optimizing social media profiles and use it for your reputation
  • Building a brand that is trusted and admired for years to come

Want Thomas to speak at an event? Please call us at 1-800-379-2829 and talk to us to find out more or contact us here.

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