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It is a sad state when someone’s online reputation is tarnished. Your online reputation is something that lives with you forever. When someone’s online reputation is damaged online, it can be repaired by using tactics called Online Reputation Repair or Management. However, in certain situations, repairing one’s online reputation alone wont wont cut it as you might have already suffered damage as a result of the negative content published online. In those cases, you might have to find legal help to get the compensation you deserve if your online reputation was damaged. Often times a judge or jury will consider the damage that was done to your online reputation when weighing cases. This is when the services of an online reputation expert witness comes into play. A reputation expert will be asked to evaluate the damage that was done to your digital reputation. You want to make sure you hire the right online reputation expert witness with experience in Online Reputation Management (ORM) cases. The expert witness should be able to clearly explain and show how your reputation was affected and the extent of the damage.

Thomas B. Varghese CEO of eBizUniverse has appeared as an expert witness in cases where damage to one’s Online Reputation was considered. His expert witness deposition was weighed heavily in a high profile case involving Dr. Lawrence Crosby that ended up settling for $1.25 million due to the online reputation damages. The internet reputation of this individual was damaged as a result of a false arrest which was published on hundreds of articles and videos on the internet. Thomas was able to clearly articulate and show the extent of damage to the person’s online reputation as a result of the news articles and videos. He also speaks widely on subjects related to online reputation and how a business or individual can have a stellar online reputation.

Online Reputation Expert Witness | Online Reputation Speaker Thomas B Varghese
Thomas B. Varghese at The Press Conference Answering Questions Pertaining to Dr. Crosby's Settlement

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