Online Streaming Is Changing The Way Americans Watch TV

Streaming sitesWith so many online video streaming services available for little or no cost, more Americans than ever are choosing to watch or listen to their entertainment online altering the way online streaming is changing. Business owners need to be aware of this so that they can utilize this resource for their marketing strategies.

Free programming with ads

Television networks and cable providers have all been forced to change their business models with the rise of digital media platforms. Many networks have decided to stream many of their programs for free so long as viewers are forced watch a few paid ads. This model has allowed for them to remain profitable in a time with the price of digital information has dropped significantly. Cable television providers have also built in stream online features to encourage customers to continue their traditional cable services.

Ads are Inexpensive and Effective

YouTube adDigital advertising can offer a business a lot more for their advertising dollar than traditional print advertising. There are almost no material costs so more time and energy can be spend making sure their final product looks great.  With more people cutting the cable in recent years, advertising agencies make more by paying big networks less.

Fast solution

Online advertising means a marketing strategy can be implemented faster because the time period for print media is no longer necessary. Advertisers can take advantage of advertising during the most popular programs or time periods for their target demographic with the added benefit of lower or no costs to big networks promoting their products.

Non-Video Ads

While the cost of producing video has went down substantially over the years, it still requires some work and budgeting. You can advertise on streaming website and platforms using still ads rather than video if this is more realistic for you. Some businesses also choose to have sidebar ads on video streaming sights to capture interest. This is sometimes called pay-per-click advertising, although you can opt to just pay a set price for a certain period of time.

Don’t Waste Time and Money on Ineffective Advertising

It is easy to get into an advertising rut. This means a business may not be reaching their intended audience to justify spending on a project. It is important to keep up with advertising trends. Customers have moved beyond receiving advertising from print media. On line streaming will ensure that a business is on the cutting edge.

Gain Website Traffic

Web trafficWhen you advertise using video streaming sites you will encourage viewers to visit your company website, e-store, or Facebook page. This type of engagement can be extremely profitable for your business. The more digital media exposure you have the greater the chance of gaining customers.

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