Outbound Links Help SEO for Blogs and Can Impact Marketing Analytics

onpageseo-300x234Your SEO strategy might already be built on a foundation of generating quality content and getting good backlinks to your website. You’ve created XML sitemaps, your SEO techniques are perfectly white hat, and you’re even sharing your pages and blog posts on social media.

Good. Now, what about your outbound links?

What is an Outbound Link?

Per the name, an outbound link is a link within your website that points to an external URL. Most back-links include:

  • Citations within blog posts (to give credit to statistics or quotes you’ve used on your blog content).
  • External links to your social media pages.
  • Links to your partner or sponsor pages.
  • Links to relevant articles in your resources section.

Outbound links are important to your SEO strategy: linking to reputable websites improves your own website’s reputation. Similar to word-of-mouth tactics, your web visitors will try to gauge you based on with whom you associate via your external links.

Using Outbound Links to Help SEO

internal-links-300x166An article on MarketingTerms.com says that, “providing high quality references actually enhances the value of a site and increases the chance of return visitors.” Citing valuable references in your blog posts adds credibility to your arguments, while giving your readers the evidence they need to determine the validity for themselves.

When using an outbound link, make sure that anchor text you use reflects the nature of the page you’re sending your visitors to. In other words, your hyperlink text should describe the title, article content, writer, or other relevant identifier that describes the content of the cited page.

How Outbound Links Impact Marketing Analytics

According to a Google Analytics outbound link article, GA can track which outbound links your visitors click on. This helps you analyze your website’s outbound behavior, allowing you to determine:

  • What external content are your readers interested in?
  • What content can you generate or curate to center around that interest?
  • What internal content can you generate to keep your visitors on the website longer?
  • What content can you curate from your most popular outbound link pages?

You can see an overview of exit activity from GA’s “Event” menu.

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