Pew Internet Project 2013: Social Media Statistics

For years the Pew Internet & American Life Project has been amassing data on the social media habits of people all across America. For most people this data is passing amusement that peaks our fancy, but for smart businesses it can help to truly understand how people use the internet and social networking sites in particular… thereby creating an advantage towards being a success in social media marketing strategies. Every advantage in the business world is vital to making a lasting impression, building a positive reputation and ultimately, increasing revenues exponentially.

How Understanding Social Media Trends can Help Your Business

Pew Research Center delves into the intricacies of social media trends, providing in-depth statistics that provide businesses with a breakdown of who uses social networking sites based upon age, race, education, income, location and much more. By doing this a business is better able to understand where their target audience is located, how to start up conversations with them, how to bring them into the fold as a valued customer and how to use that communication to increase sales and sharing of other social media content.

The Pew Internet Research Project 2013 for Social Media

Whether you use social media as a simple way of communicating with customers or as a fully fledged marketing and advertising strategy, understanding how to best post and use the content is vital. Check out the full detailed explanation of the report in the article “Pew Internet: Social Networking (full detail)”. If you are looking to incorporate social media into your online communications or into a marketing strategy, the best thing you can do is understand what you are entering into before you start.

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