Duration: One-hour seminar
Date: Monday, March 6th from noon to 1p

Local Marketing Leader Eden Gelt Offers FREE DIY Branding Seminar for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents are invited to a DIY “Brand Yourself” seminar to learn how to thrive without the use of an agency or outside marketing help. Eden Gelt, former entrepreneur and marketing agency owner, has spent more than 25 years promoting residential, commercial, and retail real estate and will share simple strategies of how to stand out in today’s highly competitive residential real estate market.

Topics to be discussed include:

What is a brand and what makes an agent unique
-How to build a memorable online presence
-Using social media to stay in front of your sphere
-Setting up and utilizing Google My Business

The information-packed, one-hour seminar will be held on Monday, March 6, 2023 at 12pm. The event is free and open to real estate agents and those interested in starting a career in real estate. All brokerages are welcome. Lunch will be served.

About Eden Gelt:

Eden Gelt currently serves as the Director of Partner Relations for Key Mortgage Services. Prior, Gelt worked for select prominent real estate developers and ran a multi-award-winning agency that focused on increasing bottom-line results for small to mid-size businesses. She has extensive knowledge in diverse marketing mediums, offering insight on market research, public relations, advertising, special events, direct marketing, branding and more. With twenty-five years of strategic marketing experience, Eden’s perspective is unique in that she understands both entrepreneur and corporate perspectives and has achieved positive results for both.

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