Horizon Medical Center: SEO Case Study

Return on Investmenthorizonmedicalcenter-google

Someone looking for a doctor in Schaumburg, IL, a large suburb of Chicago, sees Horizon Medical Center as the top result. Before anyone else, potential patients can visit Horizon Medical Center’s site and even schedule an appointment online

  • Other local searches for doctors, such as Hoffman Estates, also yield first-page results for Horizon Medical Center. Patients around the area know where to turn
  • The SEO complements the website design of Horizon Medical Center: once patients find Horizon Medical Center’s online site with its vast feature set, they will not want to leave
  • Increased Horizon Medical Center’s online patient count by over 900%, reducing traditional advertising costs and saving thousands of dollars in their marketing budget

SEO Overview

Finding quality doctors can be difficult online, especially with the thousands of results that usually come with any search. Horizon Medical Center wanted to make sure potential patients knew about their quality medical care and doctors during their online search. eBizUniverse helped make it easy to connect patients and doctors through search engine optimization.

New Metal Crafts: SEO Case Study

Return on Investmentnewmetalcrafts-seo

  •  New Metal Crafts was transformed from a local leader to a global brand. A global search of “Custom Lighting” returns New Metal Crafts in the top three results worldwide.
  • Customers looking to repair their custom lighting across the world are greeted by New Metal Crafts as the top search result
  • Local customers looking for “antique lighting” or “custom lighting” in Chicago see New Metal Crafts as the top choice displayed for them
  • New Metal Crafts was frustrated with search results before and has now seen a 50% increase in traffic with eBizUniverse’s SEO, reducing traditional advertising costs.

SEO Overview

New Metal Crafts had a great reputation in Chicago, and with the growing prevalence of the Internet, needed to ensure that its quality and reputation were reflected in its positioning in online search engines. New Metal Crafts came to eBizUniverse to help maintain its competitive edge online.

Gaylord Restaurant: SEO Case Study

Return on Investmentgaylord-seo

  • “Indian Cuisine in Schaumburg” returns Gaylord Restaurant at the top of the page, including a Map for visitors to easily locate the restaurant, even while on a mobile device
  • Gaylord is one of the top results when customers look for Indian Cuisine in Chicago
  • Gaylord Restaurant in Chicago ranks above other locations across the country, including locations in Beverly Hills, California
  • Increased restaurant traffic along with customer loyalty, as customers could more easily locate menus, directions, catering options, and more

SEO Overview

In addition to Gaylord Restaurant’s newly redesigned website created by eBizUniverse, Gaylord needed to make sure that potential customers could easily locate amidst the thousands of other restaurants in the Chicago area. eBizUniverse’s SEO services play a key role for Gaylord today, with Gaylord’s quality food paired with quality search results.