SEO Changes in 2015: What Works Now


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 “Move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough.” – Mark Zuckerberg

SEO Changes in 2015: Search Engine Optimization or SEO is now a key component of many business marketing strategies. From the word optimization, the design must be fully perfect, functional, or effective as possible. It must be flexible to changes and trends. The SEO should be monitored on the effectiveness of any changes made so as to make continuous improvement. This 2015, what are the things that we should expect in SEO? What are the new developments and tools that we should adopt? This article will help you to know what the new trends are in SEO this 2015.

SEO Updates 2015

Change is unstoppable in the world of internet and technology. Searching for new methods and algorithms are being performed regularly in order to improve what is currently being enjoyed by internet users. Since SEO is aimed to give the users the best and fastest search results, what are the new trends in SEO that we should know and adopt this 2015?

SEO: What it Used to Be vs. What it is Now

SEO is has completely changed from the past. Day by day Google is rolling out their algorithm updates and forcing webmasters to change their strategy too. What it used to be is history; what it is now is a key to enjoy ROI. So, it’s the time to ditch your old SEO methods and update you with new SEO methodologies.

  1. Keywords Selection: Previous SEO keywords used to be singular to promote websites. An example, if people had a keyword “SEO Company India” then they only had to use ‘SEO Company India’ in their activity. People never thought about its synonyms and matched versions and always used to push a single keyword. It used to be a singular keyword and page focused.
  1. Content Creation: With past SEO people used to create content for Search Engines. It didn’t matter whether it is informative or not and whether it meets with users searches or not. They don’t regard to quality of content or relevance.

But now with today’s SEO they have to use quality content and write original and real content that interacts users with their website. Always focus to your users and NOT for BOT.

3.       Link Building: Previous SEO was for spammers who did not think about quality of links and only believed in creating links for spam purposes.  They did not have an understanding about page authority, domain authority, page rank, alexa rank, etc.

But in today’s SEO one and only one quality link matters.  Do research before creating links for website; check their page rank, domain authority, page authority, category and other terms.

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SEO Trends 2015

Here are the most important factors to consider in SEO 2015.

Google’s latest Mobile Update

Google is constantly updating the algorithm used for Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERP), allowing Google searches more beneficial for users and website owners alike. It ensures more relevant results for Google searchers, and enables small businesses to obtain a better SERP. Make sure your website conforms to Google’s latest Mobile Update.

Keywords and location

It is a good idea to review your keywords every now and again, for content marketing and Google Adwords. Use more descriptive phrases, focus on certain areas you would like to attract customers in. There are many online keyword tools to use for ideas and suggestions. It is also advised to use your location in your keyword phases, and should be used in you page titles and H1 tags.

Social media pages

Keeping your social media pages updated with regular valuable content will definitely pose a few advantages in the long run. This will help you create a better online presence, introducing your potential customers to your brand. This will also give your company brand credibility when featuring on social media platforms.

Content content content…

We can’t stress enough the importance of relevant and regular content on your website. Your SEO strategy should include a well-thought out content marketing plan. It is also important to apply best SEO practices and guidelines when writing content, to gain maximum advantage and exposure online.

Dedicated pages for products or services

By creating pages for specific services or products, you are automatically creating keyword rich URL’s, which can do wonders for your SEO ranking.

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 SEO Tips for 2015

It is very important to always keep your website design up to date to the new trends to get high ranking in search results. Below are the SEO tips that you can follow to get what is being expected this 2015.

Creating the Best Possible Website

One aspect of online marketing and sales to always keep in mind is the fact that most internet users only give a webpage a small amount of time to load before moving on to a competitor site. Presenting your SEO content in the best possible way should always be done using a template that allows the page to load as fast as possible. Content can use a variety of media, including text, pictures, video and audio to attract users to a website. Making sure video, pictures and audio are not too large is a good way of speeding up loading times and limiting the number of lost customers and clients.

Update SEO Content, Titles and Pictures

In the past, the actual content included on a website was often given a low priority over the inclusion of keywords at a specific density. Improvements made to algorithms included by major search engines now make it more important than ever that each piece of SEO content is well written and presented correctly when using a template. Updating content on a regular basis is a good way of making sure potential clients return on a regular basis to a particular site is always a good idea, with well-presented and accurate titles and pictures also an important part of web design.

Take Advantage of Google+

One of the fastest growing areas of Social Media and Internet searches is the use of Google+.  Free to join and use, your followers can keep track of your content and view your profile on a regular basis by viewing the information held on this platform. Having a large number of followers and making sure that your profile is included across a large number of circles is a good way of driving up traffic to your website and content. As Google introduces more and more authorship platforms and details, being aware and a member of these sites is more important than ever.

Look for Errors with Google and Bing

The major search engines of Google and Bing have introduced Webmaster tools that can be used by any registered website to check for problems that reduce search engine results and lower rankings during searches. Even when using a template to create a website links and other content may be out of date and be classed as an error by search engines, which lowers the ranking of any website. A simple registration process is undertaken, which is followed by the owner of a site being notified of any issues that can then be worked on to improve the SEO content and the ranking of their website during online searches.

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 Mobile-Friendly SEO is Now a Must

With Google’s most recent mobile friendly algorithm update, the mobile user experience is now a very important factor in Google’s search engine ranking algorithm. In January 2015, mobile searches officially surpassed the desktop searches and will continue to grow throughout the year. Early estimates say that there will be as many as 50 billion local searches using mobile devices in 2015.


Online Security Is Becoming More Important in Rankings

If your website manages online payments and personal customer information, you have to make sure proper security measures are taken to safeguard that information. For example, using security certificates and HTTPS instead of HTTP will help your website rise in search engine rankings this year. All major Content Management Systems will have validators to ensure security measures on your website. Be sure to contact your support team if you do not know what security tactics are being used for your customers.

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 Tips and Techniques for Keyword Analysis

The Below list will help to improve the Keyword Analysis better.

  1. Use this Google Keyword Planner for Keyword research
  2. Find Less Competitive Keywords with high search Volume
  3. Choose Key phrases
  4. List out Relative Keywords by relevance
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If you would like to get high ranking in Google search, check out this video by Steve Nuttal for the Google tips and tricks that you can apply to your website.

On-Page SEO for 2015

On Page SEO

What’s hip at on-page SEO in 2015? You will find here the best tips and tricks to guide you in improving your website and achieve your aim to rank first in SEO.

Excellent SEO Tips to improve On-Page optimization

Use these free top 10 WordPress SEO tips for better on-page SEO for WordPress blogs.

  1. Interesting and Descriptive to read
  2. Quality of the Content
  3. Short and Sweet Title
  4. Relative Meta Description
  5. Use this Optimal Keyword Density Ratio in content
  6. SEO Friendly URL
  7. Keywords in First Paragraph
  8. Use of Headings
  9. Focusing Keywords
  10. Image Optimization


Interesting and Descriptive article – No one is going to like long boring articles so instead write content that’s interesting to read and provide clear descriptive content.

Quality of the Content – Don’t copy and paste content from other websites that will never bring you traffic. Google has very good eye to find the duplicate content. Avoid keyword stuffing and other black-hat SEO tricks.

Shot and Sweet Title – Title must be relative and the keywords must be present in the title. Regarding length, it is better to keep the characters between 40 to 65.

Relative Meta Description – Write a short and sweet 156-character long description that will explain your  article – this will help in the Search Engines Results Page.

Optimal Keyword Density Ratio – Maintain your keyword density in a safe manner in order to avoid getting Google algorithm penalties.

SEO Friendly URL – URL of the content must be meaningful to the content. The search engine will then highlight the URL keywords to boost your SEO.

Keyword in First Paragraph – Use the keywords in first paragraph so search engines know that this is the content that furthers explains the article title.

Use of Headings – Use proper headings tags h1, h2, etc. It will make readability easier and split your sections into ‘chapters’.

Focusing Keywords – Highlighting the keyword with strong or em tags; this will increase the visibility of the point you are trying to pass on, and it will add some weight in SEO.

Image Optimization – One image can provide more context better than any story you can write, so be sure to optimize any image using proper alt tags.

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Make Internal Links

You should add some internal links to connect each post and page, because it is main factor to optimize on-page tips. Try to correlate posts with each other. It will increase visitors interest, time on site, and page views. Google loves natural high quality internal links.

Increase Site Speed

Page speed matters much more for a website page rank. Site speed will increase user experience and the user will love to visit website. Users hate when a website takes too long to load.

The following things may slow down your website:

  • Added videos as well as other media
  • Adding more images in posts
  • Images that are not compressed, or not given dimensions
  • Improper coding of website
  • Use of unnecessary plugins

You should try to:

  • Use appropriate images and videos in each post.
  • Improve coding of your website
  • Do not use unnecessary plugins
  • Compress images and give dimensions to each image.

Outbound Links

Outbound are those links which are used in posts to link to other websites. Outbound links help to get ranked within Google, because if you provide a link to high authority websites, it will not only increase your page authority but also increase response rate if someone gets exact information from reference website. So try to add some links to other websites. and try to give links to high authority websites.

Design Mobile Friendly Websites

This is the time where mobile dominates the internet. Approx 40% users were using mobiles for internet use, but according to an estimate that will increase up to 60% in 2015. You must make your website mobile friendly, so that mobile users can easily access your website.

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Google Updates for SEO in 2015

Google continues to update its search algorithm in order to give the most useful results for internet users. The changes has been profound over the years and in 2015 the frequency will continue to increase. How this can affect SEO in 2015? The following article gives insight on how the quality of SEO and rankings will get affected by Google updates.

Google SEO


Google’s Latest Update: How Quality is assessed and Rankings are affected 

It is not often when Google updates its search algorithms. But when it does, the markets wait with much anticipation as it is difficult to predict what is in store and how the search giant is going to bend the rules. Many search marketers have started noticing or anticipating some major changes in the last few months. And Google did not disappoint them. It finally admitted that some changes have been made to the algorithm, particularly to the sector of “Quality Content”.

Google Results have been impacted following the confirmation of this change. Keep in mind, this change is no ordinary one – it has taken place in the core algorithm itself. This is not a Panda related update or change for sure. So, the way of understanding it and taking measures should be different.

Google is yet to completely reveal or explain in broad terms what changes have been incorporated in real time; but it has ensured that it is not any spam-related update. It has also expressed that this change is in terms of how Quality Signals will be processed.

Plans to Handle It

Google will provides more updates on their recent change as millions of businesses have been eagerly waiting. But at the same time, we have been analyzing and calculating and re-calculating to find the best possible road map to tackle the surprise!

Quality is the Key

Now you no longer can ignore the quotient or standard of your content. Webmasters have been looking for more and specific updates, but one thing is for sure that all poorly developed content and relevant websites’ rankings will be lost into oblivion pretty soon.

The article below is a latest update from Google taken from SEO Aim Point website. Prepare yourself for the possible effects that it may bring in your ranking.

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“Google Panda 4.2 Rolling Out – SEO Update 2015”

Many webmasters and search engine optimizers may not have noticed that the Google Panda 4.2 update roll out has been incredibly slow.  According to Google, this slow update can take months to fully roll out. If you are not seeing any changes, it can impact your site later also, so be the ready for the changes in your ranking.

Google Panda

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Following the new trends in SEO is very essential in getting the highest rank as possible in internet. It’s time to move beyond static keyword and other means of building your website. It is better to work on it now and boost the level of your quality and speed to become more successful in SEO this 2015.

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