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It’s horrible, right?

When an online party violates your exclusive rights and infringe on your trademark? Or when they defame your online reputation on purpose so they can end the competition? Or What do you do when a competitor damages your SEO rankings and results by using negative SEO? Or when you hire an SEO agency to manage your digital marketing, and they fail miserably? These are some of the situations when the assistance of an SEO Expert Witness comes into play.

There are millions of illegally functioning online parties.

So, you’re not the first, the second, nor the third company to have your rights violated. In fact, millions of companies worldwide suffer every year from such infringements. And sadly, the majority of them are never compensated for their losses.

Due to the fact that internet marketing, websites, and SEO are relatively new fields, they still require a valid policing body and clear standards. It isn’t clear to the jury what a reasonable judgment is in most cases, and the court finds it hard to evaluate the full extent of the done damage.

For example, a jury isn’t usually able to identify copied SEO strategies or website design to correctly assess the damage done to a business — and that often results in unjust verdicts and huge losses for lots of companies. In other cases, there may be an overlap in strategy between two similar companies in one industry, which makes it insanely hard to recognize and prove any infringements or right violations.

If that happened to you, your situation could take two of the following courses:

  1. You decide to go on with your life because you don’t believe there’s much to you can do to convince the court.
  2. Or you hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit, but the jury doesn’t understand your case and comes out with an unfair judgment.

Thankfully, there’s a third scenario:

You hire an Expert Witness to help your attorney, and they nudge the jury into making the right decision to compensate you for your losses.

What does an Internet Expert Witness do?

An Internet Expert Witness specializes in cases involving trademark infringement, copyright violations, internet reputation defamation, contracts, and more. He’ll help your lawyer communicate your arguments in a simple language, while also answering the jury’s questions and providing detailed explanations.

What does a Website Expert Witness do?

A Website Expert Witness produces reports after a detailed examination of the different aspects of websites such as hosting, system coding, data security, payment systems, etc. The end goal for that is to come up with answers and explanations to help the court make a decision.

Internet Expert Witness Digital Marketing Speakers

What does a Digital Marketing Expert Witness do?

Digital Marketing Expert Witnesses can explain complex online marketing concepts. They may also assist your lawyer by providing investigation analysis, expert witness testimony, and authoring expert reports on issues related to digital marketing and SEO.

What does a Social Media Expert Witness do?

A Social Media Expert Witness is knowledgeable in different social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc. They work with companies or individuals by handling cases involving marketing and litigations that occur within various social media platforms.

This is why it is crucial for you to hire an expert witness to help your lawyer!

Digital Marketing Expert Witness Digital Marketing Speakers

Who is Thomas B. Varghese?

Thomas B. Varghese is the CEO of eBizUniverse — a top digital marketing agency based in Chicago. His company helps businesses with lead generation, customer acquisition, SEO, reputation management, web design, and other digital marketing services.

Mr. Thomas also works as an Expert Witness and has a rich 17 years experience in digital marketing that very few expert witnesses have. His long years in the field grant him a deep understanding of the latest trends and tools, as well as an amazing ability to perform detailed research and use it to formulate valid arguments.

Popular media outlets — such as CBS and NBC — often quote Thomas as a reliable source of information. He has authored and published several articles online about business and online marketing. He’s also invited, every year, to dozens of conferences, radio shows, podcasts, and webinars to share his insight on a wide variety of subjects including SEO and internet marketing.

SEO Expert Witness

He was awarded the digital marketing professional of the year by US Congressman Danny K. Davis as a recognition for the remarkable work he did as a digital marketer in the past.

As an Search Engine Optimization Expert Witness, Thomas can simplify difficult technical internet marketing concepts and make them understandable to anyone with no expertise. He’s known for providing reasonable and on point answers during trials, while also justifying his views and opinions under cross-examinations.

Here are some recent cases where Thomas’s expertise as an Internet Expert Witness was put into practice:

Online Reputation Defamation Case

Website Expert Witness Digital Marketing Speakers

Thomas has provided expert witness services in many high profile lawsuits. Amongst them was Dr. Lawrence Crosby’s case where he was able to clearly articulate the full extent of the damage done to Dr. Lawrence’s reputation after a false arrest that went viral on hundreds of websites and social media platforms.

The way Thomas helped was by answering questions and offering his professional opinion to the court. And that made a huge difference and contributed to the law taking its own course. The result was 1.25 million compensation to the damaged party.

Business Owner Website Case

A business owner was accused of copying the website of his former Franchisor when he branched out and set up his own venture. The attorneys accused him of copying the design as well as the content. The Plaintiff’s attorney called on Thomas as a website expert witness to analyze both websites and come up with findings. After a complete analysis, Thomas concluded that the website design, as well as the copy, had no similarities to the defendant’s website. Thomas was deposed and based on his opinion, the case was decided in the Plaintiff’s favor which saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential damages.

Medical Practitioner SEO Case

A medical practitioner was sued by his former employer after starting his own practice. He was accused of copying Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) strategies.

The medical practitioner (although he started his practice two years later than his former employer) was outranking his former employer for several keywords on Google and other search engines. And that prompted the former employer to aggressively come after him and file a lawsuit. The former employer’s lawyers built a strong case that accused the plaintiff of stealing SEO and Digital Marketing strategies.

Thomas was called upon as a Digital Marketing Expert Witness by the plaintiff’s attorneys to disprove this claim. His prior SEO expert witness experience, as well as his detailed analysis, saved the client from having to settle this case. All the records were subpoenaed by the defense attorneys.  Thomas and his team did extensive research and analyzed both website’s SEO and PPC related tags, links, content and tasks in detail using the latest tools and strategies to debunk this claim. Thomas was able to prove with clarity that the SEO strategies used by the medical practitioner were unique and was not copied. This resulted in the case to be ruled in the client’s favor — which got the case dismissed.

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