Should I invest in SEO?

Seo Chicago

Is SEO a wise investment? Should I invest in it? If so how much? If you run a business, these are the questions that come to mind when you think about SEO.  While these are perfectly legitimate questions, it’s easy to put off investing in SEO because you haven’t done your due diligence of researching for answers. It’s better to get a clear understanding of the ROI and make an informed decision rather than putting it off. This post will hopefully help you make that decision.

We all know that higher rankings in Google mean increased leads and sales. But at what cost? What is the Return on investment? Is it justifiable to invest in SEO?

SEO Chicago

Being a Chicago SEO firm, you may immediately assume that we’re biased if we write an article promoting the benefits of investing in SEO. That’s why, we’d rather have a credible third party source do the research for us. Here’s what we think is an unbiased article that justifies investing in SEO:

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