LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn Lead GenerationToday, marketing is only driving approximately 30% of the total sales leads. To be successful in today’s competitive environment, sales professionals must have and maintain aggressive lead generation programs to meet quotas and achieve sales goals.

Unfortunately, the traditional process of sales prospecting via cold calling aren’t effective as it used to be anymore. Enter LinkedIn Lead Generation.

Why Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation

LinkedIn lead generationWith access to over 500 million members on the world’s largest and most popular professional network, LinkedIn boosts sales lead generation by allowing sales pros to easily and quickly find the right prospects leading to more sales!

Our LinkedIn experts can turn your dead LinkedIn profile into a lead generating machine! Call us at 1-800-379-2829 and speak to a LinkedIn expert or submit an inquiry here.

There are options to use LinkedIn’s advanced search filtering system to quickly find top company executives and decision makers and save them as potential leads.

Advance Your LinkedIn Profile to the Next Level

Our Advanced LinkedIn Lead Generation Program is guaranteed to produce results and is designed to generate leads and sales! Below are few items that are included in the program and will be handled by our Expert LinkedIn Specialist:

LinkedIn profile optimization:

  • Optimize your profile for relevant keywords so your profile will be found when prospects are searching
  • Ensure right sections / portfolio is added to profile
  • Add appropriate tagline

After your profile is optimized, we will then build your connection network by searching for relevant professionals.

LinkedIn ConnectingExpand Your LinkedIn Reach:

  • Build relevant and targeted connections using LinkedIn’s built in tools
  • Bring existing email contacts into LinkedIn
  • Import your contacts into LinkedIn (only possible if you have a list of contacts in an excel file)
  • Bring other contacts you have acquired into LinkedIn (e.g. Trade Shows, networking events, CRM database, etc)

LinkedIn Groups: Since connecting with fellow professionals will be an on-going task, we will also connect your profile with relevant groups where prospects reside giving you access to professionals within your target geographical area.

LinkedIn Company Page: The next step is setting up (if necessary) and optimizing your company LinkedIn page. This is very important as it will reflect your company’s brand(s), values, and commitment. Our Expert LinkedIn Marketer will make sure it has the correct information on there, for example:

Dell LinkedIn company page

  • Ensure Company URL matches company name (e.g:
  • Create showcase page(s)
  • Ensure all company information is accurate and properly filled in

Additional Information

After completing your initial set-up (profile optimization, building your network joining groups, building a company profile page) we don’t just leave you in the dark. We continue the relationship by maintaining your profile each week to continue building your LinkedIn profile. See ongoing tasks below:

  1. LinkedIn Profile Optimization
    • Ongoing optimization done on an as needed basis
    • Optimizing LinkedIn Profile ensures that your profile shows up higher when potential customers search for vendors
  2. LinkedIn Connections Management
    • Build LinkedIn Connections (We go after the target market you provide)
    • Maximize and Increase LinkedIn Connections
      1. Tagging of connections
  3. LinkedIn Groups
    • Join Groups
    • Participate in Group Discussions and try to create engagement
  4. Build Engagement with Connections
    • Ongoing engagement is key to creating meaningful connections
    • We publish profile updates that is relevant to your audience (Acting as a Subject Matter Expert)
  5. LinkedIn Messaging
    • We message prospective business owners that could fit your client profile requesting an appointment or to participate in an RFP
    • We notify you of responses in a timely manner so you can take action
  6. LinkedIn Publishing
    • We publish articles on your behalf periodically (Content provided by you)

Start generating sales and leads from your LinkedIn profile today! Call us at 1-800-379-2829 and speak to a LinkedIn expert or submit an inquiry here.

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