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“New appointments booked increased from 20 to 60 per month”


Target: Chicago and Surrounding Suburbs

Company Background: BRIGHTSIDE Clinic is a friendly and safe recovery clinic. BRIGHTSIDE provides treatment options for both opioid addiction and heroin addiction. There are several convenient locations in Illinois including North Aurora, Northbrook, Rockford and Tinley Park. BRIGHTSIDE also offers Telehealth as an option for patients to meet with BRIGHTSIDE’s team of medical professionals and therapists. BRIGHTSIDE is known as the leader in addiction recovery. They take pride in knowing BRIGHTSIDE Clinic’s patients can start their path to recovery the same day as they inquire, no waiting lists!

The team at BRIGHTSIDE understands overcoming addiction can be a long and challenging process but that’s why their team of experienced medical professionals, therapists and team members have helped thousands of people recover since their establishment in 2015. Their Addiction Specialists, Suboxone doctors and therapists guide patients through programs that work

BRIGHTSIDE Clinic has uniquely designed programs for each patient based on their addition and lifestyle needs. This clinic is one of the most trusted Suboxone Clinics in Illinois. At BRIGHTSIDE, patients are given a new outlook on life while being in a safe and comfortable environment. BRIGHTSIDE also includes treatment options after recovery as well with their alumni network.


BRIGHTSIDE has a strong reputation with their patients and has been able to rely on word of mouth marketing to increase their awareness. BRIGHTSIDE Clinic did not have an established online presence that brought in new patients on a regular basis. Their goal was to expand by opening multiple clinics in the Chicagoland area. In order to grow they realized they need a constant stream of new patients. They partnered with eBizUniverse to ensure that they were being found online when patients were looking for their services.

eBizUniverse implemented an online strategy to generate leads from the internet on a consistent basis. The following were their challenges that eBizUniverse worked on:

  • Not found on the first page of Google for relevant keyword searches
  • Potential customers were not finding them online
  • Problems with and lack of SEO
  • Weren’t getting enough reviews
  • Need to increase number of leads because they weren’t getting enough leads at new locations
  • Patient number did not increase with new locations
  • Average number of new patients was in the low 20’s per month



With the help of eBizUniverse, BRIGHTSIDE Clinic now has the top spot in Google search results! eBizUniverse expanded BRIGHTSIDE Clinic’s website to better fit their needs while including relevant calls to action. eBizUniverse implemented the following:

  • Implemented off site SEO
  • Onsite Optimization for relevant keywords



Now, BRIGHTSIDE Clinic is now successfully found through online searches for treatment options with substance abuse, pain medication dependence, opioid addiction and heroin addiction.

Today, BRIGHTSIDE is known as the leader in the field of addiction recovery and now the internet search results reflect accordingly. BRIGHTSIDE is among the most trusted Suboxone Clinics in Illinois. As a result of the lead generation efforts today BRIGHTSIDE Clinic has opened up 5 more clinics to accommodate growth.

As you can see in the video above, BRIGHTSIDE Clinic’s decision to invest in Digital Marketing with eBizUniverse has been overwhelmingly beneficial.

  • Increase in the number of new patients to mid 50’s per month – that’s over double the amount of leads than before!
  • Meeting expectations of keyword ranking – top spot in Google
  • eBizUniverse exceeded BRIGHTSIDE Clinic’s expectations while staying within their budget

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