Conveyor Rollers


Target: Nationwide

Company Background: With over 27 years of material handling experience, Conveyor Rollers provides solutions that are innovative and cost effective for a variety of applications. provides standard and engineered conveyor rollers for a diverse set of industries including food handling, corrosive applications, chemical applications, high speed conveyors, manufacturing plants, and many more. Conveyor Rollers also specialize in high temperature applications, extreme temperature fluctuations, wash down, and heavy load.

Challenge: Despite having a strong presence in the Chicagoland area, Conveyor Rollers lacked the online existence it desired:

  • Lack of online leads. Company was dependent on Thomasnet for leads
  • Warehouses across the contiguous United States could not locate the Conveyor Rollers website.
  • The existing website was slow and was affecting Google ranking and impacting sales.
  • Keywords were not ranking in Google searches.
  • Leads were not coming in on a consistent basis and was practically non-existent.


Pingdom before



Page load time (after)


and at times, the website loads under a second (from our SEO dashboard screenshot):

Website speed load time

Without a viable online presence, the company would not be able to expand their enterprise into emerging markets and create new partnerships with established brands.

The competition maintained the edge outside of the Chicagoland area, even though Conveyor Rollers had the pricing, product and excellent customer service required to command their fair share of the market. In order to expand the business, Conveyor Rollers would have to improve their online visibility and get prospects across the United States in touch with their unique value proposition.

Solution: Conveyor Rollers found and contacted eBizUniverse, a company also located in the Chicagoland area who prides itself on creating state of the art websites designed to fit the needs of their clients.

Search Engine Optimization Work 

In terms of SEO, eBizUniverse would determine the top 20 keywords and apply said keywords on all of the Conveyor pages in order to improve site ranking on Google.

New vs. returning visitors

The team would also install Google Analytics to track the page conversions, traffic behavior, and other metrics so that the team could switch out keywords to gain the website the most exposure. A dynamic SEO approach is necessary to maintaining a competitive edge in a crowded digital marketplace, and eBizUniverse was up to the challenge.

Results: Within just two months of launching the new site, Conveyor Rollers was generating 2-3 leads each day, with custom orders flowing through the pipeline on a steady basis. As eBizUniverse continued to refine the keywords, Conveyor’s leads increased to 5-6 per day with orders doubling each week.

Conveyor Rollers total leads

A few actionable steps allowed Conveyor Rollers to drastically improve their website traffic, and the custom workflow that eBizUniverse created online helped create useful content for visitors that increased the amount of time each prospect spent on page, another boom for SEO.

Total keywords

The custom tool also helped convert visitors into leads and eventually customers. Conveyor Rollers now has a viable online presence that helps them extend their reach and provide custom products to the entire contiguous United States.

Following multiple discussions, Conveyor Rollers decided that the eBizUniverse team would create a unique website that allowed clients to design (using a form) a customized roller system to fit their specific needs.


Customized order form

This form was to contain extensive options for clients to choose from and required eBizUniverse to create the workflow from scratch. The conveyor roller builder gave prospects a unique opportunity to interact with the website, provide useful content, and ultimately drive both SEO and conversion optimization efforts.