Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center


Target: Schaumburg and surrounding areas

Company Background: The Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center provides expert marriage family and individual counseling services in Schaumburg, Illinois and has for over 15 years. Dr Ray and Jean Kadkhodaian founded The Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center in 2002 with an original desire to provide a new and more successful approach to helping couples improve their relationships. They believe that their relationship needs to be a beacon for all the couples and families they work with and they certainly practice what they preach. They are constantly working on developing both as individuals and as a couple. All living things are either growing or dying. Relationships are no different. If a couple is not investing time, energy and new experiences into their relationship it becomes stagnant.

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Lighthouse emotional wellness center, although a successful practice, wanted to grow to the next level but hiring more practitioners so the owners can lighten the load. This was only going to happen if there were enough leads coming in so they can keep the practitioners busy. They realized that internet is going to be their #1 source for leads and decided to invest in Digital Marketing (SEO, Online Reputation, etc.). After interviewing several Digital Marketing firms, eBizUniverse was chosen to lead the charge.  Our SEO team performed a Free SEO Audit that uncovered major problems with their website that was causing their website to not show up in Google Searches and other issues related to digital marketing.

One of their major challenges was their lack of exposure online. The website was not coming up on the first page of Google for relevant keywords. This meant their competitors were eating their lunch. Especially newer outfits who didn’t have the track record they had. Another issue was the lack of online reviews although they had been in business for a long time. In today’s world, 90% of customers check your reviews before they do business with you, so having real positive reviews from your customers is important.  To summarize, these were their challenges:

  • Not found on the first page of Google for relevant keyword searches
  • Potential customers were not finding them online
  • Website was on the 2nd  and 3rd page of Google for several important keywords
  • Weren’t getting enough leads
  • Weren’t getting enough reviews consistent with their track-record
  • Was not showing up on the MAP PACK (Google Map top 3 listings).
  • Problems with SEO that was incorrectly done by previous vendor
  • Duplicate map listings

Solution: eBizUniverse’s seo experts were able to get to the root of the problem and implemented the following that resulted in an increase of leads and appointments. Specifically, the following were implemented:

  • Fixed website’s SEO errors
  • Onsite Optimization
  • Minor website modifications to add relevant call to actions
  • Boosted Website Speed by 2.5 times
  • Optimized website for relevant keywords
  • Implemented off site SEO
  • Implemented review generation tool to collect more 5-star reviews


Today, Lighthouse Emotional Wellness is dominating online searches for counseling, therapy and related keywords in the local area. Watch video testimonial above to see how investing in Digital Marketing has resulted in a huge ROI. 

  • Ranked Number 1 and 2 on the MAP PACK (Google Maps top 3 listings)
  • 300% increase in their reviews
  • Almost tripled their leads from 10 to 27 in 1 month
  • Website Traffic Increased by 222%
  • Tripled Patient Appointments
  • Increased Sales and Profits

gif leads Site Speed After: site speed Page Views & Traffic Increase: graph graph   Reviews: reviews