New Spring Wellness Center



Target: Ozark Area, National

Company Background:

New Spring Wellness Center is centrally located at Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri and specializes in addiction therapy using NAD and intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy. The owners believe that all individuals need individual (not cookie cutter) care. Their protocols could easily be called “strategies” as they customize care for each person. They believe NAD+ service is a safe and effective tool.


Owners Chad and Katie wanted to spread the word of this revolutionary therapy at New Spring Wellness Center well beyond Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri which is why they were looking for affordable options to promote their treatments. NAD therapy is a new form of addiction therapy that New Spring Wellness offers but they had a hard time promoting themselves and getting more clients/patients for the NAD program. New Spring Wellness Center wanted to grow to the next level and get more patients for their treatment programs. They realized the internet was going to be their #1 source for leads and decided to invest in a Digital Marketing agency for SEO and social media marketing. They had previously engaged a local digital agency but wasn’t getting the results they desired. After interviewing several Digital Marketing firms, eBizUniverse was their selected agency to partner with. Our SEO team performed a Free SEO Audit which uncovered several digital marketing obstacles such as:

  • Were Only Getting 10-12 New Patients a Month
  • Not Found on Google’s First Page of Results for Relevant Keyword Searches
  • Potential Patients Could Not Find Them Online When Searching For Similar Services
  • Website Was on Google’s 4th and 5th Pages for Several Important Keywords
  • Problems with SEO Were Incorrectly Done by Previous Vendor
  • Was Not Showing Up On The MAP PACK (Google Map Top 3 Listings)
  • Not Enough Reviews (Less Than 10)
  • Duplicate Map Listings
  • Etc.


Perform Research and Analysis to Understand the Situation

We began by taking the time to research and analyze New Spring Wellness Center and the services they offer. We underwent this process to understand the client and their business as a whole. We then discussed the goals and objectives with the client to better understand their overall project goals. These steps allowed us to conceptualize the most efficient strategy to effectively implement New Spring Wellness Center’s SEO and Social Media Marketing campaigns.

Craft a Custom SEO and Facebook Ad Strategy and Plan to Attain the Best Possible Result in the Shortest Amount of Time

  • Fixed Website SEO Errors
  • Onsite Optimization
  • Website Design Modifications to Add Relevant Calls to Action
  • Keyword Research
  • Optimized Website for Relevant Keywords
  • Implemented Off Site and On Site SEO


Correspondingly, due to the constructive SEO and Facebook Advertising method and strategy implemented by the experienced eBizUniverse team, New Spring Wellness Center is ranking on the first page of Google for more than 100 keywords in the local area and nationally. New Spring Wellness Center’s Digital Marketing has resulted in a huge ROI.

  • Website Traffic has increased by 240% since it’s launch in May
  • 300% Increase in Online Reviews (they more than tripled their 5 star reviews in four months)
  • New website pages rank high on Google due to proper SEO implementation
  • Leads increased from 43 to 257 between June and September Per Month
    • Total Number of New Leads:
      • 81 from Facebook ads
      • 129 from the website contact form
      • 553 from phone calls
      • 339 Google Business inquiries

June Leads:

(Before Campaign Launch)

September Leads:

(After Campaign Launch)

Google Search Engine Result Rankings:

Facebook Ads:

Website Traffic:

Facebook Metrics:

Facebook Metrics:

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