“Thank you guys for helping me find a new role!”

Profile Background:

A top C-level executive at a leading multinational company left his position to join a different top multinational company. The CEO at his previous company attempted to sue him for violating confidentiality and non compete agreements.

Due to the lawsuit, several defaming articles began to surface across the internet. These articles were broadcasted by top leading and reputable legal news service organizations.

Not only was this unfavorable online content impacting his reputation but it also prevented him from obtaining job offers and as a result he reached out to eBizUniverse to resolve his situation.


2 Negative Article Links Displaying in Google Search Results


To combat the negative listings, eBizUniverse:

  • Design, Developed and Launched a New Website
  • Created Several New Social Media Profiles, Keyword Being His Name
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Google+
    • YouTube
    • Dozens of other profiles on 3rd party sites
  • Researched Google’s Suggested Keywords
  • Created Positive Content Emphasizing his Name
    • Documents
    • Video
      • Embed Videos to website
    • Press Releases
    • Photos
    • Gmail
  • Contacted Sites with Negative Remarks and Requested Removal


  • In 6 Months eBizUniverse Pushed Negative Results from the 1st Page to 3rd Page
  • Within 9 – 12 months His Bad Results Moved Down to 20th Page
  • Overall eBizUniverse Virtually Eliminated the Negative Search Results
  • With his online reputation repaired the client was able to find a new role in a new firm


He has negative search terms and a negative article on the first page of Google Search Results.


He does not have any negative articles or mentions on the first page of Google.