The Advantage to Long-Tail Keywords

When it comes to being an online marketer and trying to target keywords to rank for through SEO, everyone would instantly say they would rather rank for the “head terms”, more than anything.

What are “head terms”? Head terms are specific keywords like football, aquariums, and skating. They’re generally 1 word search terms that have TONS of queries every month, but no one can rank for them because the competition for them is so high.

What’s the solution to this madness of unrankable keywords?

Introducing Long Tail Keywords – An Easy Way To Use SEO Campaigns To Pull In Profits

The key to long-tail SEO optimizing is the low competition. Let’s look at an example to give you a better idea of what long-tail SEO actually means:

Terry is optimizing his site for the term “catastrophic life insurance”. Now, if he would have chosen to try and rank for simply “life insurance”, there’s no way he could ever accomplish it. The competition is so high, that he would never accomplish anything at all.

But “catastrophic life insurance”, on the other hand, is easy to rank for because the competition for this keyword phrase is so low.

Together with ranking for the search term “catastrophic life insurance”, Terry decides to take his long-tail SEO optimization to the next level, and select an additional 500 long-tail search terms to add to his network of long-tail keyword optimized sites.

Over the course of 3 years, Terry was able to rank for 482 of the 500 long-tail keyword terms, and pull in many thousands of dollars in profit.

Long-Tail Keywords – A “Long Haul Approach” That Can Work For Everyone

Traffic increases exponentially as SEO practices are put in place.

Have you ever heard the saying : “All good things take time?”

Well, in this case, it’s true! Ranking for a single long-tail keyword is fast and easy, but ranking for hundreds or thousands of them in order to pull in high profits takes time to accomplish.

And one key to remember about optimizing a site for a long tail keyword through SEO, is to NEVER over-inflate your content with too many keywords. Mentioning the keyword too many times will be an automatic red flag for Google to penalize your site.

A keyword density between 1-2% is optimal. Also, you’ll want to make sure to not try and SEO optimize a site for more than one long-tail keyword on a single page/site, as this strategy doesn’t work very well.

Using Affiliate Programs In Conjunction With Your SEO Campaign

The Amazon affiliate program is a great way to make money with your SEO campaign efforts. Amazon pays a generous amount to their affiliates for promoting their products. You can expect to make between 4-8% commission on each Amazon sale you make. If you’ve got a large network of sites promoting Amazon products, you can easily make a lot of money FAST.

ClickBank also offers a generous compensation program to their affiliates. ClickBank pays their affiliates between 1-75%, depending on the specific product sold, and the commission amount is ultimately set by the vendor.

eBay also has a great affiliate program that’s making people a lot of money these days. The eBay commission rate varies according to an undisclosed algorithm, so the amount of money you make from commission amounts will be different for each product sale.

One thing to remember about eBay is that it’s hard to get accepted into the program unless you have websites that get a lot of traffic. But for the websites that have high volume traffic, it works wonderfully!

Other affiliate programs work well with long-tail SEO optimization too, but you need to do your background research when it comes to choosing which affiliate programs to be a part of.

For example, if you’re part of a organic soap affiliate program, then be sure that people are actually searching for that product, and that they’re eager to make a purchase. Otherwise, you’ll be “spinning your wheels” without any sales to show for it.