The content creation game has just gotten a new player.

It’s called a gifographic – and it’s a huge content creation trend nowadays.

What is a Gifographic?

Well, gifographics are a next-gen visual content which are a mixture of a GIF image and an infographic. They have been known for taking the game to another level, being more engaging and providing more visual content than a infographic, and a greater structure than a GIF image only.

Gifographics are great because of their adaptibility – they fit well on mobile screens but also excel when viewed on desktop screens. What they never fail to do is to make a huge impression in content marketing as we know it – which is why every business regardless of the niche should consider this huge content creation trend.

So, why gifographics add up to a successful content marketing strategy? Here is a list of reasons:

  • they convey information in a fun and innovative way
  • they grab everyone’s attention and are visually appealing and hard to turn away from
  • they easily fit into any website without taking too much space
  • they are a huge trend in 2016 – and we know the power of trends in the new millennium
  • they are amazingly prone to be shared, and the more users share them – the higher brand authority and loyalty you build
  • they are great for SEO – coming from the number of shares and relevancy of the visual content
  • last but not least, they are unique, memorable and will help you establish a base of followers

It’s a New Content Creation Trend

Gifographic content creation trendRegardless of the type of your business, you can start using gifographics and show off your understanding for modern design while helping your readers digest the information as easy as ABC.

In the end, you may be thinking that an animated image is nothing new to the world. And that is completely true – except from the fact that gifographics are not only animated images – but structured visual impressions consisting of a lot of information placed well and aided by the power of text and motion to bring the idea in even a clearer way.

So, are you up to going beyond infographics – and make a greater impact than ever with gifographics?  Start today by calling 847.220.9541 or use our online form.